It irks me that Meghan McCain went on and on about how some people do not have the platform she does, and there for, in her humble opinion, should not have to come forward and voice their opinions about Trump, because they are private citizens.

Check your privilege at the door, because largely I have to tell you, that it really has no place here. I have none, and there for yours doesn’t matter to me.

Heather Hayer was a private citizen, and she spoke up and was murdered for the effort, the Washington Post has a database that claims 992 people were shot and killed by Police in 2018, I am going to guess all of them were private citizens.

At this point in time those two words have no meaning any more, if you expect me to emotionally check into every sweet heart life is going to get better post through Facebook, you better expect that I have the right to stand up for what I believe in.

If I get beaten up by a Nazi while walking down the street and you do nothing but film it, I am going to remember that the consequence of you doing nothing is the whole of my face feeling like a punching bag after Captain America’s been at it.

If you stand back while whole families are ripped apart because you’re too afraid, too privileged or too private to say “hey no this is wrong, this isn’t really the Godly behavior you preach to love,” I’m going to assume that you are entirely accepting of what Donald Trump can ONLY be credited with as hate speech and behavior.

Megan I understand that a lot of your friends don’t have your platform, but I don’t remember when exactly it was that someone said you had to have a platform to speak out against hate speech. Social media platforms are in fact a platform, they are a place for you to share your thoughts and if you can share eighteen thousand fucking pictures of your chickens, you can damn well post that you disagree with what Trump has been doing to your country.

Many people who don’t have your platform are standing up every single day, they are called Antifa, Resisters, they are called Brown Girls and White Girls and girls all over the world…who put themselves and the people they love every single day at risk by taking the chance that someone somewhere needs to hear their voice. I don’t care what your platform is, I don’t care how many friends you have or don’t have, when you see something is wrong you fucking stand up and you do the right thing.

Because let’s be honest, the same people that say shit like “send her back” do not believe in free medical care – a basic human right – they do not believe in education for girls, let alone those who can’t afford the best. They do not believe in abortions, and they damned sure do not believe in my welfare, they care about yours, because you are in their tax bracket.

The problems of hunger, poverty, isolation, bad medical and dental care, depression and anxiety do not affect people like you because when you need to, you can afford to get help. You have a system of support in place filled with people who genuinely care about your welfare, either because they like and respect you, or because you pay them to like and respect you.

No matter what way you slice it there is zero excuse for not standing up for those of us who are here on the ground, pecking at scraps while you rant and rave about how not everyone has a platform. Heather Hayer was not famous before she was murdered for speaking up against Nazi’s.

How many more of us have to die, before those of you without a platform speak up and say something against the violent evil Satan worshiping anger and hatred that is Send her Back?, Grab her by the pussy or Lock her up? How many more women, children and men need to die in US custody because they believed they could have a better chance at a better life in your country?

How many more is it going to take before “not all Republicans” becomes “we’re still Republicans, but we’re Republican’s with a fucking soul.” ?

I’m just curious.

Sending all my love,


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