Okay so…I don’t understand Christianity anymore, especially when it’s been used to support White Supremacy, because…wow some of you white people are fucking stupid.

The stupidest phrase in the English Language is “Go back to where you came from” followed only by “send her back”. Everything we have, including the technology we use, the cars we drive and the food we eat, the cigarettes we smoke and the beer we drink, even the fucking WEED that we buy is fucking imported.

The best weed ever by the way is true Afgan Kush which isn’t even in existence any more, because the seeds are “illegal”, whatever the fuck that means any more.

I was pretty much done with humanity when they started buying Air, in cans, to inhale, for fun. Yes that was a fucking thing, long before Logan Paul and whatever the fuck that creature from the seventh level of hell is, (Thanks so fucking much Hades, you asshole.) but I have lost all hope with Christians, confirmed Christians, and I use that term laughingly, supporting Donald Trump.

How in the hell are you going to read a story about a carpenter, who was beaten and raped for talking about his higher power, for teaching us about light, love and the war between good and evil, and expect me to believe that you want me to hate the same people that Jesus called Apostles.

I can’t understand you, “Send her Back”, mother fucker, Jesus was an Immigrant, he traveled from one country to another taking up home wherever he could. He was a teacher, so why the hell you people loath teachers is beyond me, he actually TAUGHT PEOPLE HOW TO READ….so like…maybe do like him and stop paying those who teach such shit amounts of money, just a thought.

If you want to say you love Jesus with any semblance of honesty and actually mean it, here’s a thought, stop treating people who have less money than you do like shit, because I don’t recall him being buried in a Tomb like the Egyptian Gods – no offense he was buried in a tomb, with a rock as a door.

He didn’t starve the poor, he taught them how to survive, he didn’t hate people he fought them with love instead of hatred, he forgave Satan, HE FORGAVE SATAN….okay yeah that one I fault him for because Satan is a douchebag, of monumental proportions…he’s an angry bitter little Angel with fucking Daddy issues. If you believe that television show that everyone swears by based in my home town pretending that it’s really done in America.

Speaking of witch supernatural if you want to be taken seriously, maybe don’t film in a place called “Supernatural BC” and refuse to acknowledge it, shame on you. I miss you come back please.

I am so tired of you Christian’s pretending to be good people in your pathetic little lives while saying shit like “Send her back”, you aren’t good you’re fucking ignorant. Every single one of you is descended from an immigrant, this country was founded on immigration, and stolen land, and blood and fucking soil you goofs, and you make me sick.

America used to be on my list of Dream places to go, it still is, but somehow in the last twenty years or so you’ve become so broken by your own entitlement you seem to have forgotten how fucking good you have it.

I’m talking about all you assholes who think you’re going to take the White House, built by SLAVERY I might add in twenty-twenty, you’re not. Someone is, and that someone is going to have four years to right the wrongs of the last three and a half and I pity that person with all my heart.

The job they are about to take on, whoever they may be, is going to have to convince an entire country to stop acting like animals in a fucking zoo. America has become one long running reality show that will never end, it’s the Fast and Furious series without talent, or a real plot line.

I don’t know what happened to my favorite country and yes I say that with purpose and real honest truth, but y’all are fucking losing your God Damned Minds.

Can we talk about Trump now? I know there are a lot of Political bloggers that are smarter than I am, who probably have well thought out arguments, but let’s be honest if you wanted brains you wouldn’t be reading this fucking website would you? Reality fantasy, fictional majickal hairy kairy fairy bullshit is what this is so settle in.

Back when you voted in Bush the second – the first time I thought “wow, that’s so sweet, what a cool legacy,” by the time we got to Obama I felt my breath escape – thank Christ, some semblance of …less lunacy. Okay look he wasn’t perfect, but he was imperfect in a way that benefited the little guy, sort of…mostly…OKAY WHATEVER HE WASN’T TRUMP FOR FUCK SAKES.

By the time we got to Trump I was laughing, because no way, no way were American’s going to be stupid enough to fall for a guy who so clearly is not a Billionaire, (yeah I know I gave up the belief I’d ever make it past the doors anyway – may was well go down swinging.) No way was Satan taking America, because if Satan takes America than we’re rightfully fucked.

America is the popular country, it’s the one every one loves to hate, so if they fall, we’re fucking doomed…because guess whose right fucking next door to America? Very funny God.

Remember that joke?

\The one that says “Yeah I’m going to give them the best lakes, the nicest people, the prettiest views, but ahahaha wait till you see their neighbors” YEAH FUCK YOU TOO GOD.

Not really but kinda a little bit, I mean…come on, I know my ancestors were just as bad as the American’s but…I’m innocent right? because I agree that I live on stolen land? because I’d love to make enough money to be able to help the little guy in my wake?

Nope, I’m just as bad, because instead of doing something, anything, that is promotive of a legacy my kids can be proud of I’m sitting here on my computer complaining about the stupidest people on the planet.

Christians who support White Supremacy, a religion of people who follow a guy with BROWN skin, telling people with BROWN skin, to go back to where they come from.


Your students are stupid.

Sending all my love please don’t send me back to hell,

Siddha Lee Saint James




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