This website is built by a woman named Devon j Hall from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, living in Surrey, British Columbia. There are a variety of pages and posts that require you to take your time reading and understanding before you choose to react.

While I apologize for the harm that this site may cause to those who are not trauma-informed, the stories contained in this website are important to the health and wellbeing of the author(s).

I urge you to read this website with caution and to take your time digesting the info here. None of the cannabis advocacy I do is promoted to people under the age of legal consumption laws, and none of the advice on this website should be taken without consultation with a registered doctor or medical professional.

This website is designed for those eighteen and older but I am fully aware that there are minors who read this site, if you, your parents, or your guardians have questions you can reach out to me at


Devon J Hall

LMBG Founder