Krisya Ohana to other people might be a mix mash of words that don’t actually make sense, but as I’ve written a thousand times and taken down a thousand more times, it’s part of my genetic makeup. It’s the spirituality that has kept me sane throughout all these years. I fully admit that in the world of Krisya Ohana, the world in which I live, I personally pull from a variety of different religious and spiritual beliefs that help make the world make sense to me.

While I will not ever demand, suggest, or expect anyone to agree with me, I think it’s time I put down on paper (so to speak,) the path that has led me to where I am today, in an effort to say thank you to the spirits, guardians, and ancient ones that fought so that people like myself could exist.

On the following pages, you will learn about the lore, the history, and the makeup that makes Krisya Ohana special to me. I hope that after reading the copious amount of information you will have access to over however long it takes me to write it all out, you develop your OWN sense of self, spirituality, and existence, that helps you and your journey through the mental health chaos that is being human on this earth.

Please remember these few things:

  • Krisya Ohana is not for everyone. It is something that works for me, and there are others who subscribe to the idea of choosing their own higher power(s), but that doesn’t mean that this is a church, an organization, or a cult. It’s just the path that “I” walk, that helps me get from one day to the next.
  • Some of it is prayer, some of it is ritual, and some of it is part of a fictional story just because it’s fun to weave my own spirituality into my fictional and non-fictional writing.
  • I expect no one to follow me, but if you choose to follow in my footsteps please remember that it MUST be your choice, to follow the path that works for YOU and that path may not actually be Krisya Ohana.

Sending all my Love,

Devon J Hall