I was a beautiful child. Period. Not because I’m arrogant, but because it was true. I was smart, talented, and wise, but bullies, abuse, trauma, and a lot of PTSD wore that out of me and I forgot who I was. Recently you may know I released a book called Uncomfortable II: Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators.

It was time to shave my head, to remember who I am, and to start at the beginning again. My hair was all matted – yes – because it just was. I got sick and wasn’t taking care of myself, and well, let’s be honest, my stalker added glue to my shampoo. I got rid of it. Everything he touched, everything he destroyed will be removed from this home.

Including my hair. Including every part of my soul he thinks he claimed, he can keep them, because I’m still here and I’m alive. In the following pages, I’ve detailed some of the things I’ve been through some of the things others have gone through, and I’ve shared as much as I was able when they were written.

I’m sure more details will come out as I remember more and become more comfortable sharing my story, but in the meantime, please feel free to click the menu at the top of the page or any one of these links to read some of what we went through to escape. And before you do, enjoy this short video of me shaving my head and saying goodbye to “you look beautiful Honey,” forever.

These videos and images and even the posts may be triggering for you, so proceed with caution.

Gang Girl Realities: Part One of My Story As THE Surrey BC Gang Girl No One Knew Existed

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four