Five years in it is about time I put up a faq so here are some questions that I’ve been asked to answer about LMBG.

Started with Mental Health, why shift into Branding?

This website was always intended to be a brand. To respond to a racist white cop who arrested and hit me for having a panic attack on an airplane, and his female partner who saw a woman in pain and laughed. It was always intended to be the foundation for something bigger, and as I learn more about branding I want to bring my audience with me.

Why is Branding Yourself so Important?

I want the world to know that Loud Mouth Brown Girls have the right to spread their messages and that we don’t have to remain silent. In order to help as many as possible I have to be as loud as possible, so why not capitalize on that and support myself while I am at it so that I can keep doing the things I love, which is learning to help marginalized people rise up against oppressive communities.

What has LMBG done for You?

I remember who I am now, or rather who I am capable of being, I remember how I felt feeling alone and filled with dread that I’d never find my people, but I did that. They’re everywhere, from Canada to Istanbul, and it feels pretty amazing to know I’m not alone anymore.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

I haven’t looked.

What is Your Proudest Moment thus Far?

I am seeing the world in a new light. I don’t necessarily have things that I am proud of, other than this space. This space that I am creating that one day hopefully soon, will have large, wide open doors for writers from around the world to gather and share their thoughts, in a way that gets them paid fairly. And Honestly.

If the Mission Matters, Define the Mission

A world free of people who seek power over compassion.

Who Are your Greatest Teachers?

Anyone who’s ever been called weird, strange, off the wall, off-kilter, or interesting. Anyone who doesn’t fit in, all the ones who live their lives singing la la la because I am like that and there are a lot more people like me out there than I ever knew. Malcolm X, Oprah, Whitney, My mommy, my brothers, my sisters, the Ohana, and yeah you know what? The Universe.

You can learn a lot when you stop talking and start listening….said the girl who never shuts up.

Favorite story and Why

I have a favorite story, and it’s one I’ll tell one day.

What Does Storytelling do for the World?

Ask any descendant of a person who was enslaved or the descendants of the Jews who died in the gas chamber. The Indigenous who were slaughtered, the Indians who were denied food and water, and a safe place to land;

On and on it goes. And if we stop telling stories then we’ll forget, and I never want to forget. Ever.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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