Do you know the difference between a Cannabis Educator, a Cannabis Sommelier, and a Cannabis Connoisseur?

I created this page specifically because cannabis has been a complete and total game changer for me in my life. I have learned so much about the various strains/cultivars that I use, and it’s only because I had the strength to both advocate for my right to use cannabis, and find people who could educate me along my journey.

I couldn’t afford to hire a cannabis consultant to work with me and my doctor, so I had to find other ways of educating myself. Through groups like Canadian Women in Cannabis, and EduCanNation I have found that there is a lot of information out there and it can be incredibly confusing.

Through EduCanNation and our weekly Friday morning chats I’ve been learning about terpenes, isolates, and various forms of cannabis that can be used for a variety of reasons from physical, to emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Now that I have spent a few months learning from actual caregivers who know what questions patients are asking I feel safer recommending cannabis for folks who are trying to have a better quality of life.

I will say that I do NOT advocate smoking, eating, or otherwise using cannabis without first speaking to your doctor, or a cannabis professional. At most I WILL recommend cannabis topicals for pain or skin conditions, but again, it’s best to see a doctor.

That being said here are some places and people that I’ve learned from that might help you discover whether cannabis is the right medication for you, because to be honest, it really isn’t for everyone.

For a variety of reasons some people’s bodies do not work with cannabis, either they don’t get high, or they don’t get the medicinal effects that someone like myself does…so again cannabis may NOT be for you, but if it is, here are the tips.

  • Peer Led Websites

Well these websites, and the information on them are not compiled by certified cannabis coaches, the level of history, experience, and cannabis knowledge can NOT be discounted. These are some interesting websites filled with personal articles, and stories about people who have used the plant for a variety of reasons. You’ll find thousands of articles, videos, and podcasts between these sites that might help you decide whether cannabis is the journey you want to take.

Leafly has a whole ton of information including a weekly podcast that talks about cannabis, specific cannabis journeys, and all things that come with cannabis. It’s a great site for researching different cultivars and wanting to see what other people think of the cultivars they are using. This is a peer led website, which means that while the information is helpful and interesting, you still have to use your OWN judgement while reading this website. I’ve included it because they have a ton of information on their site.

What’s my Pot has a great website that is super easy to read. They have a test you can take that will help you refine what kind of cultivars you should be smoking, eating, or using on your body, and they can help you (if you are in Canada) pick the perfect strain by taking you straight to the Ontario or BC Cannabis stores run by the gov’t. Again, a peer led website, but I included it because I’ve spoken with one of the webmasters more than once, and Mike really knows his stuff.

Weed Maps is a great place to find a local dispensary (America or Canada), and they have a lot of great articles that will help you get some idea of the questions you should be asking when you speak to your Doctor, your Budtender or your Cannabis Expert. That being said they do list both legacy market (illegal) and legal market dispensaries, so when choosing a dispensary choose the one that works for you, but you probably want to make sure it’s legal. They do also have a ton of great peer written articles about cannabis, the industry, and the various uses.

  • Find a Certified Cannabis Educator.

There are a lot of people who will tell you they “know” cannabis because they’ve been smoking it for years, and while that may be true, your doctor may be less willing to talk to a recreational user, as opposed to a certified cannabis educator. A certified cannabis educator can teach you about terpenes, different cultivars (strains), and they will be able to work with your doctor about any concerns your doctor may have. They have taken classes from the experts, and put in the work so they know what they are talking about.

There is so much information out there, and it can be really confusing, again having a consultant help you weave through the waves of info can be super helpful on your journey. That being said here are some links to the big and trustworthy (IMHO) cannabis websites that can help you navigate cannabis use and education. While some of these websites have access to certified cannabis educated, the information provided on the following websites is peer-led, and written from the perspective of those who have had personal, but recreational experience.

Certified Cannabis Educators In Canada:

Through this amazing group EduCanNation I have learned so much and I’ve had the chance to interview some of the amazing women that are behind the brand of Cannabis Education in Canada. This is a list of some of the women that I get to meet with each week, and what they do through their advocacy and education work.

Stephanie Massey is a Yoga teacher, mother of teens, wife, and Cannabis Educator from Eastern Canada who has taught me a lot about my cannabis journey. From teaching me how to stay calm when things don’t go my way, to showing me where I can find information, if there is a person on this earth that brings me to a place of peace, Stephanie is it. Not only does she know her stuff, she is perfectly willing to share her knowledge with others, in a kind, loving, and gentle way. Stephanie comes to Cannabis through her journey with Cancer, and I’ll leave it at that because it’s not my place to discuss her journey. I just thought that was an interesting tidbit.

Shawna helped treat her son’s epilepsy with cannabis after years of not gaining control over his seizures with his pharmaceutical treatment. By educating herself first, she learned about the different aspects of the cannabis plant and devised a way to help her son. To date his seizers gone, and while he isn’t “cured”, he has found a solution that has helped him have a much better quality of life. Shawna continued her education and eventually became a certified cannabis educator. She now works in a family medicine practice where she guides patients being prescribed cannabis to use their medicine optimally. To date, she has helped close to 300 patients on their cannabis wellness journeys and she also works to help educate and guide medical practitioners who are ready to include cannabis as a treatment option for their patients

Stacey is one of the most interesting people I know, because she works in the dental industry. Recently she has made great strides with talking to people in the dental industry about cannabis and dentistry and honestly I didn’t ever even consider that cannabis could be used in this part of the medical industry which is why Stacey is so amazing. She is actively showing people how many different ways that cannabis can help people heal. Stacy Bobak worked as a registered dental hygienist before becoming a certified cannabis educator. She has taken many cannabis courses which led to a career reviewing, developing, and teaching cannabis courses at the college level. She educates about the science of cannabis from a medical patient’s perspective. She is a passionate volunteer for multiple nonprofits and owns where she works as a public speaker, presenting cannabis education for dental professionals

There are very few people who know as much about the science of the plant in my personal experience, than this woman. Scientist and spiritualist, Sue helps people discover the healing benefits of cannabis in all it’s beautiful ways. If there is a rub, a smoke, an edible, that exists in the world there is a fairly decent chance that Sue Letwin knows it’s chemical makeup and the variety of ways that it can help you. I will personally attest that her cannabis topical which doubles as an edible is amazing!!! Sue is located in Saskatchewan for those looking in the interior. You can visit Sue at her site here.

is a certified cannabis coach, and now she helps others become coaches through her work. You can check out her website a Reveal Cannabis, and this interview we did for my podcast last year. Andrea is one of the few people on this planet that made me feel like she was giving me a great big hug, with her words alone, and really helped me find confidence when I decided to come forward to tell the world that I was using Cannabis.

Cristina deals with arthritis, like my mom, and she is an amazing resource when it comes to diet and cannabis and how they work together to elevate your quality of life. From her website, Cristina notes that she will guide adults with Sjögren’s Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and other rheumatic inflammatory conditions struggling with chronic pain and fatigue.

These are just some of the amazing women that I get the privalege of working with, and as a woman I honestly appreciate that there are so many women working in the industry who work one on one with patients to help them discover a better quality of life.

No one deserves to live in pain and misery all the time, so if you and your doctor discover that cannabis might help elevate your current state of living, I hope that some of these links are able to help in your journey.

In conversation with Stephanie here are some other resources that came up:

The Arthritis Society has a Cannabis section that is definitely worth checking out.


There are thousands of documentaries out there about a variety of topics, but some of my favorite are about the history of cannabis.

Grass is Greener is a really great one about the the history of cannabis, and it’s influence on main stream media, as well as the influence of legalization on people. From music, to laws, this documentary covers it all, including and especially, the racism that cannabis users have faced throughout the decades.

This film includes some of the biggest names in cannabis from the USA and is definitely worth checking out. Available on Netflix.

As I gain more expertise, and become more knowledgeable about the information available, I will include it on this page. NONE of this information should replace a doctor’s recommendations.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall