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I will never, ever, stop talking about the healing properties of Cannabis. There was absolutely a time that I said that I had absolutely zero interest in being a healer, however, then I attended Dr. Sulak’s course from Healer.Com and shit became real, real quick.

I’m one of the many people who have full circle moments, in giant circles that seem like they are never going to end, but the one thing that I’ve remained connected and concerned about for the last four years is how cannabis has been helping me reach potentials that I honestly and truly forgot, I was able and capable of reaching.

Recently someone who I admire a lot, a really great writer and a lover of cannabis, realized that this whole blogging/podcasting/Content Creation career thing is really fucking difficult. Someone else gets it.

It’s not easy to get your work and your voice out there and get paid to do the thing you love, and when you do get paid often times it’s intermittently, and then it’s not really enough to put more than a few more buds in your smoke box.

That being said there are some REALLY amazing Cannabis Content Creators out there, and I haven’t found you all yet, but I am now on a mission to do exactly that.

With so much confusing information out there, as a member of EduCanNation, it’s my job to help provide honest info that folks can use when trying to decide if they want to be in the cannabis world.

It’s actually not that easy a decision, to decide between picking up the herb and not, not in 2021. In 2021 there is still so much stigma about cannabis, that the desire to pick up the plant is one thing, but making the decision to actually start using cannabis is another altogether.

Some of the questions people ask are things like:

  • What will people think?
  • What strain/cultivar do I smoke?
  • What shops should I go to?

Websites like Leafly make an honest and open attempt to help answer these questions, but the difference between those of you who read this site, and people on Leafly, is that if you’re reading this site it’s probably because you know me from social media.

This means if you trusted my word enough to come here, maybe you’ll trust my word when I say that the sites on THIS list, the dispensaries, and the people, places, and things, that I add to this website are those that I trust 100%.

I am creating this list because I want to say thank you to the Cannabis community but also because when I launch Six Oh Four North I want to make sure that people who are on the list, are people who I trust, who I know will provide the best information when I am unable to do so.

So, to that end, if you’re interested in being added to the Cannabis Connoseaur list, please fill out the following form. Each of your responses will be compiled into a blog post, and later added to the Six Oh Four North Website.

This is a free service that I am offering to companies that I trust, and believe I will be making sure that I check out every single one thoroughly.

Much like the Brown Girl Bloggers list, this one will be compiled of people who have or will be invited to appear on Stay Lifted Sis, which will when launched, be a podcast about staying positive when shit sucks, which is why we all smoke cannabis.

Yes, it’s crazy to add free advertising to a website that I need help paying for, HOWEVER, it’s more important to me that information be free, than it is that I get paid for providing easy links to help you navigate a system designed to help you heal.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

This list is only for people who are in the CANNABIS COMMUNITY. If you are interested in being a part of this list, please include your information in as much detail as possible. You will be contacted ASAP with information about how to move forward.

Once on the list, you will be invited to be a part of the Stay Lifted Sis community where you will be invited to be on the podcast, and have an in-depth interview with Devon J Hall about your experience, your journey, and your brand.

This list is completely free to join and is compiled by Devon J Hall without monetary or gift-based compensation. On purpose. We will not just add anyone to the list, and we want to ensure that the Loud Mouth Brown Girl community believes us when we say that we trust you. So yes, we take this seriously, and we expect you to as well.

Forms that are not completely filled out or are neglected in any way, will be rejected without further communication. Loud Mouth Brown Girl reserves the right to reject anyone from the list for any reason whatsoever.

You are not guaranteed a spot simply because you are in the cannabis industry. Preference to this list will be given to those who have shown an extraordinary desire to provide the world with Cannabis education, over cannabis products.