When was the last time you saw something magical and beautiful? For me, it was about three years ago. I was in downtown Vancouver, picking up cannabis, doing my usual walk around town talking to myself, while I listened to music. Yes, I talk to myself, it helps me organize my thoughts and helps me releases a lot of tension that I otherwise would just hold onto.

I love being on Commerical drive because it’s like nowhere else in BC. It’s full of color and sound, there are poets and kids begging for money sure, those are beautiful too though because you get to stop and talk to them sometimes, you get to buy them slices of pizza and talk about who you know and where you’ve been.

There are people who put books and videos and all kinds of junk to you, on blankets for sale, there are artists everywhere, a couple of tattoo shops some cool clothing shops, and a neat new little restaurant on every corner, if not that then at least a dozen coffee shops in a six or eight block radius. But then there’s the garden.

The community garden on Commercial drive is one of the most relaxing and beautiful places in British Columbia. Sometimes you see people working in the garden, but most times it’s just there, waiting for someone to sit with their tea or coffee and think out loud while the world passes them by.

There are all kinds of veggies in the garden, and most people leave it alone, out of respect for the planters, which is really nice. It’s also filled with all kinds of little knickknacks like painted stones and little statues.

I was on my way there to smoke a joint when I stopped in front of one of the many coffee shops to watch the birds. No one else seemed to notice that there were about sixty of them flying in a figure 8 pattern. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, but literally, no one else in the world cared.

So I just stood there watching them for about fifteen minutes, having the time of my life, being completely entertained by a group of birds, and it was a moment of whimsy.

A moment of whimsy comes around once in a while, to remind you there are things worth fighting for and that the world isn’t as ugly as it seems. Commercial drive is one of those places that really makes you believe in majick.

It’s one of the few neighborhoods that’s held onto its rich ethnicity, and by that I mean you’ll find all cultures on CD. From Indian to African, everyone is there, it’s a really great place filled with historical homes, large dog parks, and genuinely nice people.

So the next time you’re in Vancouver for a visit, stop by and say hello, literally everyone there will be some of the nicest people you’ll meet.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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