A lot of people are tired. Being tired on average isn’t that big a deal, but when your blood isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, you often don’t know that the symptoms you’re experiencing go deeper than your skin.

For a mixed-race girl, I’m really pale, and part of that is because my mom is white, but part of it is that I am not getting enough oxygen in my blood. Part of this is because I smoke, and part of it is because I have a severe case of anemia.

I cannot stress this enough, if you are tired or not feeling good, get your fucking blood tested. At the very least it’s a small amount of blood to find out if you’re okay or not. When my doctor saw my blood tests he said my blood was “weird” because physically I look fine, but emotionally and mentally I’m so drawn that all I do is sleep all day and it’s been like this for weeks.

I’m on iron pills again which sucks massively, but I’d rather take a single pill a day than pass out again like I did last summer. That was really scary because it had been so long since it happened, that I thought I was fine to go out and walk around.

It’s also important no matter how tired you are, to focus on keeping your endurance up, which is hard when you’re not feeling well, so this year I want to spend more time going on hikes again like I used to.

I’m too tired right now but eventually, I’ll be okay again and I can get back to being healthy. Right? That’s my goal anyways.

What are you focusing on this year?

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Sending All My Love,

Devon J Hall

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