Imagine you’re on a bus, and a pregnant person comes on, or a person sitting in a wheelchair, do you make room for them? Do you get up and give up your seat?

We’re talking about common courtesy, making room for folks who are different than you isn’t about taking your place or deliberately trying to make you uncomfortable, but if you’re going to prioritize your comfort over my own, then you bet your ass, I’m going to feel a type of way about that.

The thing that makes me angry is that the people telling you this, are the same people that say that gangster rap is to blame for white terrorism. As if a bunch of Black guys from Compton are the ones who are inspiring these white supremacists to kill en masse.

No, Gangster rap didn’t make people become gangsters anymore than white heavy metal made white guys pick up a gun. These are choices that these people make, based on lies told to them by men and women who hide behind “Q”, giving out orders and telling folks what to do and what to believe, and y’all are too afraid to fight back.

You’re getting stuck in hero syndrome where you think your words are actually helping the planet when in reality all you’re doing is tearing down what’s great about this world, to fill it with nothing but darkness.

Years ago I was told that my leaving the church was the best for the community. Weeks after my mother and I left, they tore down our beautiful garden and put up a steel fence around what amounts to a tree, surrounded by asphalt.

I find it’s rare that you can believe someone who says your life is on the line purely because a Black, Jewish, Transgender person who spends most of their life in a wheelchair, needs space to grow and evolve.

I think that if white supremacists actually sat down and thought about why they feel the way they do they’d see things the way that we do, but honestly I just don’t have that kind of time. I rush to anger not on purpose but out of default because it’s so exhausting to constantly try to reestablish a connection with folks who are clearly ill.

For a long time, I demanded that we stop talking about these people having mental health issues until I realized only well after January 6th, that these people really do have undealt with trauma and mental health issues that are having a huge effect on the way they think and behave and I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for them.

If you choose to dance in the darkness, you get what you deserve.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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