Oprah Didn’t “become” Oprah, overnight. It took 30 years for Oprah to amass the following she has, and it took almost no time at all, for that audience to slowly vanish when Oprah went off the air.

O Magazine went from being the first woman-led, Black-owned magazine in the entire world, to a digital online daily reminder that Oprah still exists.

Because of social media, because of evolution because things change, and oprah’s brand had to change with it, but she still claims so much power, BECAUSE of those 30 years that we know nothing about.

People wonder why it’s only celebrities or pretty people we see in the world, and that’s because we’re conditioned to see them, every day all day.

Magazines, television, theater, everyone wants the biggest names, because people will always pay to see famous people, but it’s not because we love these famous people, it’s because really when it comes down to it, we’re secretly but not so secretly hoping that we’ll see them fall and land, on their asses.

How many times have you heard of a celebrity falling on their ass and thought “damn, yeah I wish I was there to see that life.”

We all do it because it’s natural to want to know that these people are humans too, that they fall and fart and make mistakes, and we forget because we’re so blinded by the lights that surround them, there’s light around us too.

Every day you don’t die from the shit going on on this planet is a wonderful day, but so many of us think that just surviving isn’t enough because of this toxic idea that we ALL have to thrive and that we can do it the same way.

It’s not true, no one is going to thrive under the same conditions that others thrive on. That’s why when you give 10 plants the same kind of food 8 of them will die because those plants are all different breeds and species they have different needs.

I am who I am because I’ve worked hard to get here. I’ve practiced typing for more years than I can count, I decided at 5 years old because I’m a writer, and I needed to have an interesting life, in order to have something to tell you all.

I did my part now it’s your turn. What is it you want TO be? What is it you DECIDE you are going to be? Because until YOU decide, you’re going to continue to want, instead of having.

I have been saying this for years snow. I “Decided,” on purpose, that if I was going to be a writer, I needed to have an interesting life.

I DECIDED to keep living in spite of all the trauma, I DECIDED to make Loud Mouth Brown Girl matter to me, what are you deciding? Because it’s those purposeful decisions, the ones we make on purpose, that change our lives for the better. So what are you deciding today?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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