I know you’re sick of Joss Whedon – BUT Buffy was a metaphor for the issues that teenagers and young adults deal with. From love spells to being ripped from heaven or chased by bad guys, these are all things that youth go through.

When you transform the love spell into obsessive disorders or obsession, you peel back the actual layers of excellent storytelling.

Now Supernatural was a different beast altogether, it was a what-if kind of show, that told the tale of superheroes the world either doesn’t know exist or are perceived as being the bad guy.

Sam and Dean left a lot of death in their wake, but in the end, it was the assistance of angels AND Demons that helped save the world, more than once.

Jack started out as a Nephilim but became a God, and God became a human.

Like Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, the story was told in circles, because everything in this weird fucking planet happens in circles, but the problem is that not all those circles appear as if they are aligned together for the same goal and yet many of them absolutely are.

Some circles are filled with people who want to save the world, and others who want to destroy it, your job as a human is to decide which circles you’re going to surround yourself with and what battles you’re willing and able to fight.

“I’m not a Soldier.”

You are if you are reading this, you just don’t recognize your current or past experiences as training, but once you do everything changes.

Buffy was a cheerleader before she Became a slayer. You have absolutely no idea who you will or might become if you give up and that’s the part that keeps me going. Maybe I can’t climb actual mountains today, but I am climbing metaphorical ones, and that’s power.

Today I am listening to music and realizing just how many people in my life really didn’t know what was happening to me. Either my abusers were good at keeping secrets or I was, but now that they know yeah I am curious to know which side they will pick because as far too many of us are concerned, there is only one.

But in order for our side to win we need soldiers, and I guess I have to be the one to remind you that not all soldiers fight with guns.

Isabeau wanted to be left alone, but she found a home in the fairy world that she didn’t even know she was looking for, and she chose to remain neutral, by helping humans.

Each of us has to decide what kind of a soldier we’re going to be, but we also have to decide that we are going to get into the fight. No one will blame you if you choose not to fight, but we won’t take time to cry when it’s your life on the line. We’ll just come to save your dumbass and remind you that people like us…don’t get a choice.

Fight or Die is a Reality for Too Many

The world is focusing on what’s happening in Iran right now, praying that the end of the Iranian regime will put an end to apartheid, but the problem is that prayers alone can’t see the world, the humans have to actually decide if they want the world saved.

Storytelling is how we remind the world that there is something worth fighting for, that’s why so many cried at Titanic, or at The Notebook, it’s why Hunger Games and Divergent exist.

It’s the reason so many people are angry at JK Rowling – she wrote something that gave people hope and then reminded them she’s an ugly kind of human. It hurt.

The one thing that all these stories got right is that too often girls are the faces of rebellions to fight wars started by men whose only real dream was to accomplish as much destruction as possible.

You have Skills and Talents I don’t Have

A smart soldier takes everything they learned into the battlefield, even if it seems unimportant at the time, it might be something that saves your life.

Just remember that. You are smart, talented, and beautiful, and you have skills no one else has. Develop them, protect them, read Rza’s book The Tale of Wu, learn from The Art of War, and remember that you are not here to live and die. There’s a chunk of time between life and death and you need to make every day matter.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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