Who is the greatest rap artist? In the history of time? To answer that you can’t respond to what is the greatest Rap Song without first going back to the very first one.

Every single song after that has been about going above and beyond what The Sugarhill Gang did.

From Wu-Tang Clan to Eminem every rapper in history has been about promoting themselves, their hometown, and the people they bring up next to join the never-ending song “I’m the greatest.”

Every single rap song is about who has the biggest gun, the most money, and the best cars, and behind scenes, they are all pathetic little boys who have no real idea what heat is because they’ve maybe had a gun shoved in their face, but they know, I know, and you know, for many of them, there was a very real danger. But not the danger you think.

That wasn’t the reality for gangster rappers like 2Pac, Biggie, and Nipsey Hustle. These men were considered Ghetto Gospolers, they were geniuses who came to the darkest parts of our cities to try and save it, and they were all murdered for their efforts. To date, we still don’t know who killed Pac or Biggie.

West Coast vs East Coast, South Coast vs North Coast, has always what it’s been with rap but it wasn’t supposed to be a battle of whose the best, it wasn’t ever supposed to be something that offended people.

The language of rap was supposed to be an introduction. A “hi, my name is,” kind of language, it only turned violent as more and more people saw the money that could be made and started to try and influence how the rap gang went.

For the last 15 years we’ve been given low-vibe rap music that’s supposed to inspire people but mostly just puts us to sleep. The shit we’ve been given has been low-class, bad B gangster movie shit, but Ice T changed the game again.

11 Months ago this got posted to Youtube and finally, we have a return to sanity.

This song woke me up and reminded me what I’m fighting for, reminded me to start listening to the lyrics instead of just bouncing to the beat like we used to. More and more the rappers of old, like Dre, Snoop, Ice T, Ice Cube, Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan, and others are coming out to show the youngins how it’s done and it’s making me laugh.

They made their money, they traveled the world, and they were done, there was no reason to come back except to clean up the record industry because it’s still filled with the same parasites that it’s always been filled with. These songs coming out on Youtube before they hit the CD stores (do those still exist?) or the MP3sphere, goes back to what I said in 2017 when I wrote “the music industry is irrelevant. With the ability to upload and share music, the industry is dead.”

I said it in Anonops, a chatroom for Anonymous folks to gather and discuss whatever their hearts desire. I ended up on a list written and held by Bank of America, okay, but was I wrong? No.

This is one of the best songs I’ve heard from Ice-Cube, I love it because he actually lets himself sing, and you can hear Dre having fun when he’s doing this song, as rap was always intended to be.

It was only white guys promoting gangsta rap as a threat, that started so many of these gang wars across the nation, and we really need to stop letting white guys be in charge of Black music.

One of the first things that rappers do when they get famous is to set up their own record company, I used to wonder why but the sentence above is why – precisely – why they start their own record companies. It’s so that they have control over the languages that they are putting there into the world.

Rap was meant to be an introduction to the world from the artist creating it. Now it’s a weapon, used and designed by white folk to demonize Black folk, to remind us that we are low class.

Baby these rappers know the dictionary back and forth, they study history, they know their artwork, they’ve been to the finest galleries in the world, and they know exactly what they’re doing, but the problem is that when I say “these rappers” I’m talking about the ancient ones, the ones that came first, not the new ones.

The new ones are all about the game, and not about the music, and that’s the problem with the rap coming out of the 2000s.

If Snoop Dogg says he has a gun, I believe it, but I’m less likely to believe that he’s going to pull it. These young guys are not afraid to pull their guns, because they think that going out with a bullet makes them a hero. It doesn’t.

I wish rap would return back to being a conversation instead of a threat, but I think those days are over. So instead here are some Roots, because they know music.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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