You know, I’ve gone both ways on Gal Gadot not saying something about the Iranian armed services forcing her to work for them, but now that so many girls are speaking out, it is times up on the former miss Wonder Woman, because she’ll never be Wonder Woman to me again.

Now it’s times up on Russia too. Today a bot farm filled with Russian-sponsored hackers went after Ukraine, a country that is already at the brink of what it can take from Russia and is still managing to fight back, and I’m curious, if Russia really had all of these hackers, then why aren’t they fighting back against Russia itself?

It’s not because they are afraid, because Russians are not afraid of anything right? And yet like their North Korean counterparts, whatever hold the government of Russia has on its people is enough to keep thousands of them in the streets, and millions more serving the Kremlin. That shit needs to stop.

Vladimir Putin is one of the evilest men to have ever climbed the ladder of power, and whether you want to believe he’s nuts, crazy, or dealing with a brain tumor is fucking irrelevant. The man has contributed to the death of millions, and he’s doing everything he can do to prove the world won’t stop him.

Legally speaking the United States government could bomb the kremlin and be done with Putin, but they won’t do that because this isn’t the 90s and we don’t do that anymore, we work diplomatically. So I’m asking all you Russian hackers out there to seriously consider how your skills are being used. Are you really happy?

Are you really thrilled knowing that people around the globe are comparing men like Putin to men like Stalin and Hitler? Are you proud of the nation from where you come? Because I know the Russian people are a great and powerful, incredibly smart, group of people, and I can’t fathom that what’s happening in Ukraine is okay with you.

Women, girls, and boys, being raped as acts of war. Bodies are being thrown into mass graves, men are being forced to leave their families to fight in a war they want nothing to do with, being forced to vote for Russian annexation at gun point. All of these things are happening at the will of your government, a government that isn’t afraid of it’s people but absolutely should be.

Men, grown men, are being forced to fight in wars they don’t agree with because your government knows that not enough of you will stand up and fight against them, and yet the girls, yes girls of Iran are doing all the work they need to do to prove they are stronger and more powerful than the evil regime they live under.

We have no right as humans to fight less than that, so I am asking the Russian people to keep standing up against Putin and his rediculous regime.

For decades LGBTQ2S+ folks in your community haven’t been able to be themselves, for centuries the Russian people have fought to prove that they are the superior nation, so prove it now. Fight back against Putin and know that the entire world will stand with you. Just like we did in 2003.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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