One of my favorite scenes of all time comes from the film The Runaway Bride. You know the story, the chick is constantly getting engaged but she can’t figure out what eggs she likes, so how is she supposed to decide who to marry?

So because she gets challenged on her character, so the main character then decides to sit down and eat some friggen eggs, and that’s how she figures out what kinds of eggs she likes.

She in question isn’t important and neither is the guy, because in the end if you don’t know whether or not you like eggs, do you even know yourself? This idea came out of a conversation I had with branding marvel Rachel Lee.

Lee quit her job three years ago to discover her passions and later founded RachelLee.Com, where she spends her time helping folks discover their best selves so they can brand themselves accordingly. She mentioned that sometimes clients don’t know themselves and it got me thinking…d they know what kinds of eggs they like?

So! If you don’t know what your favorite eggs are, how can you know what brand you want to present to the world? You are whether you like it a part of your brand, a pretty massive part I might add.

The egg test can be applied to anything – how do you like your steak? How do you like your soup? I’ll eat mushroom soup until the day I die, but I’ll also die before I try another kind of soup against my free choice.

Knowing what you like as a human being, is a huge asset when you’re going into business if you know how to apply it, but not all of us do. Not everyone who loves art – as Rachel says – is trained to start their own business, but if you’re going to be an independent artist you either need to have a really good team, or you need to know what you’re doing, or honestly….both.

The only way for a brand development professional to help you is for you to know who you are because otherwise, you end up saying yes to something you’re not comfortable with for the sake of the idea that you might make money.

Just remember when you’re hiring someone to help manage your brand, it’s up to you to be their employer, not their friend. You are paying them to do a job, and in order to do that job, they need to ensure that you’re happy with the work. If you don’t know what you want, how can they?

Purpose, Placement, Smart Goals, Self Awareness, Self Understanding, Self Respect

These are just some of the words That am taking into 2023 with me as we evolve into year six of me being The Loud Mouth Brown Girl, so as you’re focusing on building your own brand, instead of worrying about what kinds of eggs other people enjoy, ask yourself what kinds of eggs you enjoy, and start there. You’ll be a lot happier eating or not eating eggs you enjoy, than swallowing a bunch of bullshit for the sake of making money.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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