So this is a page I never thought I would write. Today of all days, September 13th, 2022, I decided to use the Way Back Machine to find some of my own writings. I have found the douziest of douzis, and I figure since I plan to be rich and famous I may as well put it out there now.

Now, I want you to know I don’t know what all of this says, and I’m not sure I will still agree with whatever I wrote back then, but in case you’re curious about how I got from Devon J H. to Devon J Hall, well here’s all the links that I was able to find, as I was able to find, that tell you who I used to be.

The only order I’ve kept is the order in which I found them. I have no idea when these were all written, but well Black Widow released the secrets, so… here are as many of mine as I could find.

Damned and Divine

Devon J Hall – old blog Jesus it’s all there

Devon J Hall on Google

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