1. Scream as loud as you can at the top of your lungs until you can’t scream anymore.

Sometimes what we’re really dealing with is anxiety, mixed with depression, mixed with feeling overwhelmed by emotions that we can’t fully control, because we can only handle so much as humans. The answer to this is to scream as loud as you can. In your room, if you’re able in a park if you’re not able to do it at home.

Screaming is a vocal activity that helps to release negative emotions and feelings and allows us to say all the things that we’re holding inside, just be aware that once you start you may find it difficult to stop.

2. Yes, self-care means sometimes doing your nails, and it’s time that we revisit this old past time.

No, painting your nails isn’t going to change the world, obviously, or maybe it will I don’t know, Ryan Reynolds has done it repeatedly now so I really just don’t know. What I will say though, is that sometimes when we take the time to paint our nails, we actually do feel better, it’s not the colour, it’s the disconnecting from the world for a few minutes.

When you’re painting your nails, doing a drawing, or writing a poem with your hands, when you take yourself away from electricity for a while, it can help calm your brain. Our brains weren’t meant to be connected 24/7 and so sometimes taking that consciously awake break can do more help than even sleeping.

3. Yes, go for a walk. But Also, take a broomstick to your bed.

Same as above, if you have too much going on, sometimes taking a walk can pull us away from the darkness, but so can taking a broomstick to your bed. Yup, might seem a little violent, but you can just say that you’re cleaning up the dust.

The point is to beat the living hell out of an old mattress, with your broomstick, so that you can release tension, get some exercise, and release some aggression in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone around you.

4. Start Wearing Colors That Make You Happy

In The Simpsons, Lisa Simpson is told to smile, even when she’s feeling down, that is obviously terrible advice, which was the point of the episode, if you feel like shit, feel like shit, but but but, when you’re ready to start feeling better, colours that make you smile, will make you feel enveloped in their warmth and protection and will make you feel better, and yes, colour therapy is absolutely real.

Fashion isn’t and never has been about looking good, it’s always been about feeling good, BUT interestingly, when we think that we look good, we tend to lean toward feeling amazing, about ourselves, our lives, and everything we’re doing becomes a scene in a movie. I learned this from Gogol Bordello, and if you haven’t heard them I feel sad for you.

5. Follow Your Dreams

I knew that when I started this site it was special, but I didn’t know that it was going to change my life, and free from a lot of things I didn’t know I needed to be free from. I did a lot of cool things before this site, but nothing as cool as this. Nothing as actually looking back at my childhood self, realizing how hard I worked to get where I am and making the decision, that comes Hell or high water, this was going to be the “brand,” that I would build my future on.

Everyone says that, and that’s because when your dreams come true and you look back, no matter how they come true, you will absolutely have a “holy shit moment.” I’ve had that twice now, and three if you count building this website. I don’t know if I always wanted to be the Loud Mouth Brown Girl, but I do know that I have always wanted to write Uncomfortable and Uncomfortable II.

I know that I’ve always wanted to be who I am, and now that I’m here…I gotta tell you…I’m definitely weirded out.

Trust, you are NOT alone.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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