With more than 1 million high school players and only about 300 NFL openings each year, the odds are astronomical that a player will make it from high school to the highest levels of the sport.

NFL Operations

Colin Kaepernick.

No matter what you say, he is this generations version of “we are never going to stop talking about THIS person,” and for the next 20 years, we’re going to continue talking about the racism that people in the NFL face, but we’re not actually going to do anything about it…right?!

That’s exactly correct.

Why? Because even with more than 1 million high school kids around the world – yes world – fighting for a chance to join an organization like the NFL, there are millions more who won’t come close to dreaming, about being able to play in the greatest sport in the history of time. (Fuck off hockey and baseball fans.)

Colin Kaepernick’s name is not synonymous with the NFL because he’s a great player, or because he’s great at sports, but because he’s first and foremost an activist.

On September 1st, 2016, Kaepernick changed the game forever.

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd Was Murdered. 10 Days Later, Several Players Came Out With This Video:

2022 Nothing Has Changed.

It’s not just that Colin K hasn’t got a job in the NFL, it’s the fact that all these years later, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I love NFL the way I love Wrestling, but unlike most NFL fans I don’t know the stats, I can’t remember every second of every game, and I probably won’t be sitting around watching season after season with my kids. I have a life.

Our neighbours give you their children, and in return, you treat them like crap, and occasionally pay them a few dollars – sometimes millions – but in the process of signing that contract they give up their souls. Their right to protest, their human right to spread their voices far and wide. Their success is all you care about until the day comes when you no longer need them. You Are The Capital.

It’s interesting that the CFL likes to pretend they are blameless when it comes to how you treat your players.

When I had friends in the BC Lions organization, they were living five or six to an apartment, some of them sleeping on mattresses, others just crashing on the floor, why buy furniture when you’re only making at most 12k a year? What the fuck’s the point when literally EVER dollar counts and they aren’t even making minimum wage….but hey they get to live in Canada. So win right?


These men – and the women that work as cheerleaders – break bones, they lose teeth, they spend their entire lives just wanting to entertain us, for the bare minimum of treatment, and then we wonder why when we see them in the street they aren’t really that thrilled to see us?

Every time I see a BC lion I say thank you, OCCASIONALLY I’ll ask for a photo, but more often than not I’m saying Thank You because I know that to the regular fans, a BC lion is something to look up to, but to me, they are 1 stop away from being homeless in a country that often isn’t their own, and if you think BC is the only place in the country that treats their players like shit, then YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

Why Do Human Rights Not Matter To Those Who Have The Most Power?

Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more.  Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination. – The United Nations Of You Know…Planet Earth

I just feel like I can’t watch a sport that devotes so much time to taking advantage of the people who play the game so that you can support wars around the world, and host parties that you LITERALLY call “Niggerati Night,” where you make fun of the same people that pay your bills.

Sending all our love,

Krisya Ohana

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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