Anne posted this on Twitter about three years ago. Right before the pandemic hit, it was a shit storm of stories filled with women – specifically – who had escaped near-death experiences at the hands of men.

As y’all know, I’ve had more than anyone’s fair share of that kind of treatment. So, I stopped wearing a bra, I gained weight, I let my hair turn into a dreadlock (like he wanted me to, begged me to for years,) and saw him at the mall. Not just 1 of him, but a couple of them.

I don’t often go out because honestly, I’m sick of most human beings, but this one person in particular, happens to have had a Lisa Bonet fetish since we were in grade school.

The abuse at his hands started with small doses:

“Boys don’t like girls who are good at video games.”

This girl didn’t give a shit back then, and she doesn’t give a shit now.” That’s why there are millions of women making billions of dollars a year playing video games, you’re welcome you fucking cunts. That’s directed at men, not women, by the way.

“If you cut your hair short you’d look like Halle Berry.” Heh. Oh really?

No matter how young or old I am, I am NEVER going to look like Halle Berry, and honestly, why would I want to? HALLE BERRY LOOKS LIKE HALLE BERRY, That’ll be quite enough of that thank you very much.

“Girls love when men are dominant.”


This is the shit that incells are teaching their sons and have been for years, and it needs to fucking stop. I legit do not like dominant men, because MOST men who claim to be dominant really mean “I’ll abuse you until you beg me for more, and then force me to stop by calling 911, then I’ll call it a fetish.”

Yeah, some women love that shit, I’m however not one of them. You know those sick twisted fantasies you have about school girls who show up with a plate of cookies when you walk through the door in a plaid skirt ready to tease and please? Just be warned if you EVER try that shit on me, there will be a weapon under that plate, and it won’t be clean ever, ever, again.

I’ve spent my ENTIRE life being grabbed, groped, kissed, molested, and sexually abused by EVERY man I’ve ever known with the exception of a SMALL few men, who literally, fucking knew better.

For whatever reason they took one look and decided NOT to be stupid that day, so if THEY can decide that while stoned and drunk out of their tree, you have GOT to stop telling me that Ezra Miller is so fucking important to the Flash that rape allegations can be excused with “extreme mental health issues.”

I am so highly triggered by the news of Ezra – news I KNEW FOR A FACT was coming – that I can’t even watch the tv show anymore, even though he’s got nothing to do with it. The very thought of Hollywood knowing just how bad these allegations are, and choosing to protect him over his victims is beyond unforgivable.

What’s absolutely worse is that many of our favourite actors who’ve been waiting for a chance to join Marvel or DC since they were in diapers, either cannot, or are choosing to remain silent, in favour of making sure they don’t lose that oh-so-coveted Disney, Warner Brothers etc contract in the wings waiting for all those willing to sell their soul for five minutes of sparkle.

Please know not so gentle men, that the women of the world are watching, and frankly, my dears, if you’re going to try and dumb me down again, to make me into the Lisa Bonet, Halle Berry, Zendaya girl of your dreams, there’s a higher chance I get charged with murder, then you EVER making me do something I DON’T want to do, again.

You wanna compare me to Black women in Hollywood who either were/are incredibly abusive or are being abused by Hollywood? This is not a fucking compliment, it’s a reminder that you white boys still don’t have a fucking clue about how to deal with Black women who see so far into the future, we can honestly say we fucking told you so.


Time’s Up….ONE MORE TIME….What the fuck did you think that meant?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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