Earlier this year I was going to write a bunch of different letters, that detailed experiences I’ve had with folks who wear leather cuts covered in a variety of different patches. Some were bikers, others were “punk rock,” kids, but they all had one thing in common. Laws, rules, and organized ways of behaving, that decided whether or not you were cool enough to hang out with them.

“See Nothing Say Nothing Know Nothing, That’s How We Decide Whether Or Not You Get To Spend Time In Our Company” – Surrey Crew Member

“Bitch Please, Who The Fuck You Think You Are?” My Response

I just now read an article about a person, who was throwing water balloons down at homeless folk however long ago. I won’t say who but y’all know who your dumbass is, and yeah I said that shit, fuck the fuck out of you.

“Tired of these drug users,” says the guy who selling them the drugs and earning money off of their suffering. Are you fucking sane? What on earth made you think I’d be okay with that?

In the very first days of this blog, I said that the Hells Angels specifically saved my life, and they did, but that doesn’t give them or ANYONE the right to take everything i believe in and shit on it. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry.

The houseless population exists because the people who live in the streets, allies, backyards, and forests of our country, have been through some shit, and outside is often safer than being inside. That’s it, and when they get there, as hard as it is, trying to get into a new home that you’re capable of keeping is really fucking difficult.

So let’s maybe not make their lives worse by taking their existence as a personal insult, especially when most of y’all are the reason they are where they are, to begin with.

I don’t give a fuck if you sell drugs, but at least acknowledge the responsibility you have to these people. you call bums, goofs, and fucking losers, because they aren’t selling the drugs like you are, they’re buying them so YOU can have a cushy life.

Show Respect To The Hands That Feed You Literally every Gangsta that Knew What Was Up

At this point illicit drugs are not going to go away, we already know that, but what we also know is that the people SELLING the illicit drugs could take it upon themselves and have some fucking morals. Y’all already killed 10,000 people this year with your shit drugs – and when I say shit, I mean really you’re mixing borax into drugs again? Seriously?! What the fuck is wrong with your fucking tools?

Look far be it from me to tell you how to do your business, but the reason that everyone fucking hates you is that you take absolutely zero responsibility for your actions. Too many of you get that cut or that tattoo and think that you’re a big man now because you’ve been “accepted,” but are you really willing to risk your soul for a tattoo that you WILL have removed in ten years?

Are you prepared to stand in a room full of people who bought your shit, nearly died because of it, and say “I’m sorry,” without killing yourself? Because I can promise you too many people have tried to do this. and failed, because they can’t fucking look at the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives they helped to destroy.

Every major “gang” on the planet was started because a group of young people wanted to change the world. The Crips and Bloods wanted to protect their neighbourhoods and the ONLY reason they wore different colours, was so that the neighbourhood guards could recognize each other, not so they’d hate each other.

Italian families didn’t start out as the mob. They started out as farmers who were tired of working their bodies to the bone, and never earning any money. They were fishermen, cooks, they were teachers, they BECAME “the Mob,” because that’s a label that Anglo people put on them. Name any Italian in the world and you’ll hear the words “probably mob-related,” littered on their names.

People become what you tell them to become, and it’s very, VERY hard to break that cycle, so instead of doing as you’re told and being a fucking asshole who celebrates the death of the SAME Jewish people who STILL fight for your right to exist, maybe oh I don’t know, celebrate the folks that would literally kill to buy you a fucking Ferrari.

And if you’re not going to do that, at least don’t post it on fucking Tik Tok you fucking jackass. What a fucking idiot.

Sending all my middle fingers to the ballon dropping douchbag

Devon J Hall

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