So I was watching John Wick (Sober) and then I started thinking about the story about it, and how it’s the 1st film in the history of my lifetime at least, that explains to me, the way that I think I see how the world works, after everything that myself and many others around the world have gone through.

Now, John Wick isn’t about pedophiles and rapists, but it is about secrets, and that got me thinking about how film affects how we see the world, and how we see the world affects the stories that we tell.

Until you put them all together. In this essay, I am going to attempt to prove that films and television, actually tell the story of not only our universe, but of human evolution, and have been doing so since the very first cave drawings millions of years ago.

Please bear with me, and consider that you may need to come back to this text time and time again because whether you think I’m crazy or dead, I Siddha Lee Saint James, may not be able to prove I’m telling the truth. I just have to scare you into believing that enough of it might be true, that you may decide – of your own volition – to maybe change some things about your life, and perhaps the lives of those around you.

It starts with Arrival.

Arrival is a tale about a grouping of aliens who visit the world in giant black pods. Once humans around the globe are able to communicate with these aliens, which is a very slow, and methodical process, the humans realize that in order to solve the message that the aliens are telling them, they need to work together.

That means every country, every government, and every citizen of the entire world is given PART of a message, and the only way to understand the full message, is to work together, to dissect, translate, and understand the message.

At the end of the film, you don’t really get to know what the message is from the aliens, because that’s not the point of the film. The film’s entire point is that in order for humans to survive something worse than a group of messenger aliens, they need to work together. That’s it. Humans, need to work together. Period.

Regardless of race, creed, nationality, size, and orientation. Regardless of any label that separates us, we need to work together, or we don’t get the message, and the message, COULD be the key to human survival. Forever.


There is now a signal coming from space – from millions of light years away, that pings our satellites every 15 minutes for the longest 3 minutes in the history of time. Never before has anyone on earth ever discovered anything like this before, and literally, no one knows what it means. Hint: Follow the echo.

John Wick

John Wick is a killer. That’s obvious from the get-go, you know that going into the theatre, and you know that coming out of the theatre. What you don’t know, however, is the deep-seated roots that John Wick has to set on fire, in order to escape life, which he very clearly never wanted. All he wants is to relax with his dog, but unfortunately, a member of the same secret society kills the dog because of this particular member, Iosef Tarasov. The son of a powerful member of this secret shadowy society, whose used to getting whatever he wants.

What he wanted was a car. Wick says no, and that literally, started a war that seemingly doesn’t end. Wherever Wick goes someone is trying to kill him or use him to commit murder, and with every kill, comes a larger, and bigger challenge, and what’s worse, is a deeper understanding of the secret world that Wick lives in.

Now, with each section of this film – from beginning to end – and I’m counting all of the John Wick films is one film – we’re introduced to more characters, some are on his side, and some want him dead, but each of them tells a different part of the story of John Wick without the directors having to go back in time to tell us what happened to make him who he is.

There are the concierges at the “hotel” where John not only stays but also finds solace, and a place to gear up, from suits to guns and everything in between, for the sake of a handful of gold coins, anything you want is available to you, as long as you follow the rules.

The problem is that every single one of the rules is designed to protect those who have a seat at “The Table,” and never ever benefit those who work for those who sit at the table.

The great thing about the Wick story is that it’s not just a one-off. It’s about a carefully designed secret society that has ties that are centuries old, and there’s only one way to survive these people: Kill Everyone. Period. Even the private hospital he uses because he can’t just walk into a “regular degular” person’s hospital, is run by these fucking people. No matter where he goes on the fucking planet, there is 0 escape.

They have had CENTURIES of planning the deaths of people like John Wick, and they are very good at what they do.

From “homeless,” people to cops, from lawyers to doctors, from politicians to teachers, and everyone in between, every single person you think MIGHT consider helping John Wick is far more interested in killing him for money so that they aren’t next.

Problem? John just can’t stop killing people. And the more he kills, the more he pisses them off, and so they send bigger and badder bad guys.

The moment he does…is the moment he dies. And he can’t allow that, I am going to go ahead and say on behalf of all Romani families, it’s the Gypsy in him.

It’s like a video game from Hell actually, and he just keeps killing them. Is he that good? Or is he just hardwired for survival? Sound like any PTSD-suffering soldiers you’ve heard about?


John Wick in the later films is in straight-up survival mode, everything he does is about trying to get to a place where he can just sit, relax and be left the fuck alone, but the world is literally trying to make him feel something, whether or not he wants to.

Unfortunately in John Wick’s case, what the world is trying to make him feel, is the fact that even when he escapes, he’s never really going to escape. That’s part of the reason that people like his story so much.

John Wick is the ultimate anti-hero, always struggling and never really getting ahead, and even when he finds a friend, usually that friend is just as willing to kill him as they are to feed him. That’s a metaphor about our lives as human beings, eating hand to mouth, just barely making it through our lives one day at a time – sometimes one hour at a time.

On a deeper level, it’s about the world that we never get to talk about. The Bratva, the Romani, the Bikers, all the “secret societies of the world,” the Englishmen, and the Scottsman are all part of a secret organization of – not necessarily evil people – but supremely rich people who really don’t have the capacity of caring about anyone else because they’ve never had to care about anyone else before.

They’re so rich they don’t even deal in fucking money. Their “banks” are filled with fucking coins, coins for hotels coins for food wine guns and bombs, coins for all the fucking things…and do you have any idea how much those coins are worth? IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER BECAUSE THEY DON’T USE THE GLOBAL BANKING SYSTEM. Unless they have to. Which is literally never.

They are literally fed caviar as babies, they get what they want and they will kill – or have someone killed – to get whatever they want, so best to stick your head down and keep your mouth shut around them.

These are not gangsters, these are the people that gangsters bow down to. These are the people that rule the ENTIRE world, and they do it with blood. Now Alex Jones is screaming “I told you so I told you so I told you so,” every single time John Wick comes on TV, I’m sure of it, but just for a moment, go with me…what if he’s not entirely wrong?

I’m not saying that the man isn’t a bat crap backwater lunatic who really doesn’t understand how the world works, and he certainly probably got many of the details wrong, but don’t forget, Osama Bin Laden – America’s worst terrorist enemy since forever, was trained by the CIA….just saying.

The Losers – It’s EXACTLY The Same AS the A-Team…Only Not As Good

So an army of five idiots is sent to kill the bad guy, but when they get to the spot where they need to be to mark the target, they find out there are kids around, and of course, these particular idiots have hearts, and they don’t want to kill kids.

So instead they do what all soldiers do, ignore orders, run into save the kids, shoot the bad guy in the head, and jump on a bus as a secret plane that doesn’t exist, shooting the entire fucking compound killing anyone left behind.

And what do they get for their hard work and efforts? They get to watch that same plane shoot a missile at a helicopter full of other soldiers, AND all those kids, explode in the air.

So. They wisely (?) fake their deaths, hold out in Bolivia while betting on fucking chickens killing chickens, while they try to find a way home.

Enter the badass Black chick to save the day. Long story short turns out the CIA has a secret agent who’s a fucking lunatic who has billions of dollars worth of toys that he can use to destroy the entire fucking world, – Very a-la-A Team, but I won’t harp on that too much. ANY FUCKING WAYS, they save the day, let the bad guy go to save the day, and billions of dollars, after rightfully killing one of their own who turns bad and ride off in a bright yellow stretch car of some stupid ass sort I don’t care about.

“How can this possibly be real,” you think to yourself.


Government agents with unlimited budgets and literally NO self-control when it comes to murder and mayhem. Secret training camps all around the globe training ordinary citizens the easiest, most effective, and probably most disturbing ways to kill, and oh also consider the fact that 007 was “allegedly” based on a series of actual spies working for the English Royal Crown and government. But what do I know, I’m just a film fan.

A Team

Honestly, anything I’d have to say about this film would be about the film itself and not how it compares to real life because umm I just said that about The Losers and they are LITERALLY the same films. The bad guy government agent who “doesn’t exist,” making ordinary soldiers follow bad orders, and then also destroying their lives to protect himself. Very The Gray Man – only the Gray Man was slightly more interesting because Ryan Gossling KILLS it as an Action Star, which I always knew he would. Again, just read what I wrote above, same shit different film.

Pick Any Mob or Gang Film Ever Made

I fucking REFUSE to explain this shit to you. Pick up a USA, England, German, Russian, or ANY Country history book or internet site and look up the history of Mafia – an Italian word, a global problem.


See Above

Films in Korea – Also Known As The Most Obvious of Propaganda Films

In the film The Hunger Games, whichever one, you learn about “propos,” videos designed to up the rebels and control the narrative so that the evil guys don’t win the war between the districts.

What the fuck do you think film, books, and television are for? Why do you think, the most successful authors are those who write about rebellion, freedom, and the belief in hope? Suzanne Collins had her character President Snow explain it perfectly.

“Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous,” Snow declares. “Spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.”

The Hunger Games

Do I really need to keep explaining this? Watch a movie, read a book…go like, NOT real Scientologilistic bullshit for a little while.

Marvel, DC, X-Files and other “Fictional Universes,” Can’t Possibly Exist, because We Would Know By Now



There have been millions of folks around the planet who have talked openly about being kidnapped by evil government agents, victims, tortured, raped, and humiliated at the hands of soldiers we’re supposed to respect, and on January 6th, 2021 the nation of America showed its truest colours by turning on itself at the hands and feet of GENUINE white supremacists, who believe that Hitler was right.

Whole places on this planet have been wiped off the planet by environmental issues, government control, and worst of all things, war.

But I’m supposed to believe that all the stories I heard growing up about God are fake and written by frauds because I will go to Hell if I don’t and if I do, and I’m good and pious I’ll be rewarded in heaven.

Now an Athiest might say that it might be saner to put all that shit aside and just live my life, but it’s hard and incredibly so as a writer, to look at the world and not see that the same patterns our ancestors went through – whether you believe in their Gods, Goddesses, or Religions or not, is repeating itself.

Humanity is destroying the planet, and in every way that’s possible the earth is fighting back with all, its elemental powers.

Now as a writer that makes sense to my brain, as a person who’s never looked at the world and wondered “what if there is a God? or lots of Gods and Goddesses?” I might sound perfectly insane.

To that I say “Scientology,” and any fucking religion ever, just for the record, the most successful ones usually get their start by murdering their founder.

However, when you look at what’s happening in the world you have three possibilities:

  • Tons of inspiration to tell great stories about how amazing humans are and how we survive anything thrown at us
  • Actually do something about what’s happening around the planet, with the people, the plants, the animals, the everything
  • Or ignore it all and call the rest of us who look at these films for inspiration, so that we can find where we fit in the world so that WE CAN do our best to make different choices than some of the characters we love.

Personally, I just like that it gave me something to write about today.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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