Today / last night, depending on when you’re reading this, was the start of the British Columbia Pride Season, and I went all out today. I might wear a skirt next time for New West and Vancouver, but I handed out many beautiful love letters written two years ago before the start of the pandemic chaos.

I also got to speak to many amazing people and had some LOVELY gentlemen from Pheonix Center hear part of my story and how Loud Mouth Brown Girl became what it’s starting to evolve into. If you read this, thank you for that, it means the world to me because I’ve never had the chance to say it out loud vocally before…I know it was hard to hear, but you did me a service today. I will never forget that.

I gave out so many beautiful lights up crowns sent to me through Amazon from @asteriaofnight which you can see in the photos. And I even saw some old friends from my days at the Church which really made me smile. It was cool to tell them that I am creating something with this site and to tell them that since they’d seen me last I published a book.

In coming weeks as election season begins to raise its nasty ugly little snort nose, I will be talking more about the politician’s in the city and when the time comes even officially endorsing some of them because I really have faith that some of the people that want to run soon, are some of the best people in the city.

Every day in Surrey can be exhausting, with the constant sight of poverty and the lack of community support from our local Mayor, it can be really difficult to feel like we belong. It was cool to see how many great organizations came together for Surrey Pride this year to celebrate the day, the opening of the season, and to welcome friends and neighbours alike to share some love.

Of course, there was the usual “you’re going to hell,” rhetoric in the background but this year for the first time I chose to ignore it, the day was too beautiful, the heat too lovely, and the people too happy for me to focus on the negative folks telling us we don’t deserve to be happy.

I really want to say thank you to all the organizations like Youth for a Change, Nver, and the many amazing groups who showed up today to fill the day with laughter and color. I learned a lot today and I look forward to seeing you all in New West and Vancouver.

Sending all my love,

The Loud Mouth Brown Girl, Love Letter Faerie

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