When I was sixteen, a crazy bitch held a knife to my neck and literally held me, hostage, for the lunch hour. I was supposed to go to her house for lunch, but instead, she decided she wanted to lecture me on how she was so much better than me.

She had another girl there with her named J, when J and I got back to the school and I knew I was safe, I slapped J across the face. The original girl was arrested, and they were both charged with kidnapping, harassment, and carrying a weapon with the intent to harm.

Kids today haven’t gotten any better, and it’s largely because of life at home, it’s largely because life at home sucks so bad, you feel the need to make other people miserable so you’re not alone. We get it, but here’s the thing.

Baby, because that’s what you are as a teenager, no one gives a fuck about you. They laugh at you when you’re not around, they feel lighter when you aren’t there, they are happier when you’re gone because you’re fucking miserable to be around.

Being nasty only gets you so far, and that shit that worked in high school isn’t going to work in the real world, because there will always be someone who sees your bitch and raises it to cunt.

I’m pretty hard to intimidate these days because I’ve literally walked through hell to get where I am. I’ve had my hair set on fire, been nearly murdered, strangled, kidnapped three times, held hostage, beaten up, molested, raped, abused, and hpnotized, burned, and branded. Come at me. I fucking dare you.

Being The BADDEST Bitch Around Means NOTHING, If Everyone Hates YOU

The kids that you beat up, the ones you kicked, the ones that you abused because you were having a bad day, do you ever stop to think what kind of effect that has on another person? No, because you’re a bully.

I once spent 3 days in a hospital because a random stranger got punched by a friend, and I wanted to make sure he was okay. I even went to his apartment to get him clothes and bring him clean underwear, and do you know who he’s mad at? Me, because I stepped back thinking the former friend wasn’t really going to throw that punch.

He did, and he destroyed the stranger’s face, the damage he caused will last forever, but the guy who threw the punch? He’s in prison, for other crimes, wondering why none of us are visiting him or checking on him. It’s not that we’re being mean, it’s that we don’t care, life is better without him around.

In my past life as a partier, I saw soo much drama, and when I turned around and realized that I’d stop talking to and hanging out with the group of bullies that I called friends, I realized we were never friends. We swore up and down that we were ride or die, but we weren’t really.

Educate Yourself Before You Try To Destroy Someone Else’s Life

No one stood by him in the courtroom, no one was there when the jail door shut closed in front of him, he was alone. He is alone, and he’ll continue to be alone as long as he chooses to be the guy who uses his strength to hurt instead of help.

You could change the world, but instead, you’re busy burning it down because you’re having a bad day. I feel sorry for you but not sorry enough to stand by and watch. I’m going to go do my own thing and stay out of your way. Not because I’m afraid of you but because I’m a grown-ass woman and I don’t spend time playing childlike games.

There are a lot of things that adults will tell you to do thinking they have your right of way, but that doesn’t make it true. Around sixteen or so you’re going to feel a need to make your own decisions, but you might not know how to make GOOD decisions, so I’m going to tell you. Right here, right now.

“My mom said immigrants…” baby no one gives a fuck. Especially the immigrant students you’re going to school with who had to escape a fucking war zone to be seated next to someone who thinks they’re dangerous because you’re pretty.

No. Kids in your classroom have faced war, guns, bombs, and near-death to get where they are, you don’t scare them. Grow up and stop being a bully because you don’t like someone’s race, creed, nationality, size, orientation, or color. It’s gross.

Not Every Adult is A Douchbag…I Promise. Find One, Just ONE, You Can Trust, and Talk to about It. Don’t Hold It In.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re a mean teenager it’s because you’re an angry teenager, so if you’re angry find a way to deal with it. Create art, find other artists, sing, dance, find groups of people who like to do what you like to do, and don’t tell me there aren’t any. If there really aren’t, then start one, you might be surprised at who shows up.

Contrary to historical belief, you can actually get through your teen years without being an asshole. “BUT DEVON YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.”

Hi, Remember me?

“I’ve had my hair set on fire, been nearly murdered, strangled, kidnapped three fucking times, held hostage, beaten up, molested, raped, abused, hypnotized, burned, and branded. Come at me. I fucking dare you. “

I have been through everything a single human could go through, and I fucking survived. Baby, you do not scare me, you worry me. I want to see you harness that power and use it for something good, I want to see you, yes YOU the bully change the world, but the only way that’s going to happen is if you decide you no longer want to be an asshole.

I understand wanting to lash out when you’ve been hurt, but if you’re looking around yourself and you realize you’ve contributed to everyone around you being the worst versions of themselves, I have to ask, how cool are you? Not very. You’re just a jerk that everyone’s afraid of, is that really what you want your legacy to be?

You as a teenager have more power than anyone who ever came before you at your fingertips. YOU can be the change you want to see in the world, or you can be the white girl beating up a Muslim girl because you think it makes you look cool.

The choice is entirely yours.

Sending all my love to those surviving the assholes,

Devon J Hall

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