Like Fast and Furious, I honestly thought we’d ever get to hang out together for an entire five fucking years. I swear to the universe, I thought I’d have been murdered long ago, and the fact that I am still here is proof that not only does God exist, but he/she/they/them have a wicked sense of humor because holy fuck.

I am proof so far, that speaking out doesn’t have to end in tragedy, and that….feels really fucking weird actually. Too many times when women speak out about abuse, trauma, and past experiences with toxic men or situations, we are ridiculed, shoved into a corner until we or our stories can make someone else money, and oftentimes, murdered before we get to have the chance of speaking out.

I am thinking of all the women who have gotten up to speak in front of the United Nations, and I am starting to realize that I don’t know any of their names. I’d have to go looking for that information, and what that tells me is that there is too much happening in the world for me to see and hear it all.

Which leads me to believe that the information that I’ve been consuming is mostly bullshit, and this video is absolute proof of that fact.

“I just don’t approve of you being Asian,” I mean she didn’t say exactly that, but she might as well fucking have. Because what she did say is just as racist, for those who are deaf here’s a short transcript:

“Hi this evening your Asian Anchor mentioned something about being Asian and Asian people eat dumplings on New Years Day, I kind of take offense to that, because what if one of your white anchors said “white people eat this on New Years Day,” and she was being “Very Asian,” and I don’t know but um she can keep her Korean to herself, alright sorry, and was annoying, it’s cause, if a white person would say that they would get fired (laugh) so, so alright thank you.”

I’m sorry…WHAT?

There are some days when I look to my white mother and I just want to tell her how sorry I am, and then there are other days when I want to look at her and ask where the fuck our people come from, because I know SHE Doesn’t think like this, but sooooooooooo many white people think like this that I just can’t understand how their fucking brains work.

I’m five years into building this platform and I want it to matter, I want it to say something, I want it to mean something, and all I can think is if this person is serious, then what they are really offended by isn’t that Asian people eat dumplings, but that Michelle’s network is backing her up by creating space for her to celebrate her VERY ASIAN ROOTS.

Michelle, if you read this, I love you. I think you’re amazing, because you are such an inspiration to little girls everywhere, regardless of race, but to all the little American Asian girls out there, or Asian American girls out there, who see your face, and watch you daily on the news absolutely killing it at your job.

We have GOT to get past this idea that people shouldn’t be able or allowed to celebrate their culture, their roots, just because their roots, our roots, my roots, are different than yours. I am English, Irish, Scottish, Jamaican, and Gypsy. I am five different cultures that came together to create me, there is no one on earth like me and there never will be again. Yes I am Creole but I am so many things, should I ONLY celebrate my white roots?


Okay but seriously though, five years of doing this tells me that this brand has to matter to someone, if I’m that person, and the only person then so be it. The thing is, you don’t get to tell anyone, regardless of race, creed, nationality, size, or orientation, what to talk about when it comes to any topic. You don’t have the right to tell an Asian woman who as DELIBERATELY ASKED WHAT ASIAN FOLKS DO ON NEW YEARS EVE, that she’s not allowed to answer the question, because it makes YOU uncomfortable to be forced to acknowledge that white folk isn’t as plentiful as y’all wish you were.

The thing is, the reason that no one asks white folk what they’re doing the day after new years is that we already know y’all recovering from the night before in bed, or curled up next to a toilette somewhere, and do NOT @ ME………Y’ALL MADE THE FUCKING FILMS.

Every film ever made about New Year’s Eve and white people includes the walk of shame, the wake up from hell, and the accidental “OH SHIT I’M PREGNANT,” news anchors don’t want to talk about that because they don’t want to make white people uncomfortable with the truth. SO pick your truth, Very Asian Dumplings, or White Stupidity, y’all can’t have it both ways.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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