Okay, we’re ready for Loud Mouth Brown Girl’s next incarnation. I am so excited for the new year. I have plans and goals and dreams and each and every one of them is completely obtainable. Which is rare for me, as many of you can imagine for yourselves.

It’s so weird when things start to come together after so long of them not. This will be the last public post for a while because I need to take a break. I kind of knew it was coming but my last wisdom tooth is now deciding that it’s going to be a bit of a bitch.

After six days with a non-stop migraine, I went to the ER last night to get a morphine shot, which I LOATH. I HATE taking morphine, but it helps, and in the next couple of days I am going to have to have surgery. Most of it will be covered, what won’t be I am borrowing (again) from family, to make sure that it gets done properly.

It should cost about $500 but last time it was closer to $800 so we’ll see what we see when we get there. In the meantime I hope that you all have a beautiful and wonderful Christmas and I will see you in the new year.

As a special thank you, I’ve recorded this video, hopefully, it’s short enough for you to enjoy.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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