The Goddess Sessions are 3 monthly episodes recorded with Allison Gaines, Renita Quirls, and Devon J Hall. They will begin on February 10th, 2022 so to get you started here is some info about 3 amazing women who are coming together to create 1 amazing live show three times a month.

Renita Quirls is the Self Love Activist friend that every woman needs. She is strong, powerful, and absolutely has the most infectious personality. I found her on Twitter and in very real ways fell in love with her humanity, kindness, and devotion to the idea that every woman and man and everyone in between those two labels deserves to be happy, loved, cherished, respected, and to see themselves as beautiful. Renita has an unhealthy obsession with defending Kanye West but is at her core, the human that every woman should feel inspired to get to meet. You can find her at Be Your Own Kind and you can check out her matching podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

Devon J Hall is the founder of the Loud Mouth Brown Girl brand tree. Activist, a teacher, published author, and human hero, Devon believes that every human’s voice matters, even if she disagrees with them. You’re visiting her site, so you know where you to find her, but you can also find her on Medium where she joins Writers and Editors of Color (WEOC = WOKE) talking about all the things that “good Black Girls,” aren’t supposed to talk about. Yes, she’s Black. The sun was cruel that day.

Allison Gaines is one half of the team that founded WEOC. Activist, student, teacher, wife, mother, she is a Black human being first, and a hero second. Allison’s focus is on talking about the history of the Black migration from Africa to America while educating people on the struggles that face Black women and people today. She is a writer, creator, and team builder who has the power, desire, and passion to be able to bring hundreds of people together, to activate against a world that doesn’t want us talking to each other. You can learn more about Allison at Allison The Daily Writer.

The Goddess sessions are going to be fun ways for Devon to bond with her favorite creators while opening the roundtables up twice a month for guests and audience members to join us and have their say about the topics that we think are important. Nothing will be left on the table.

Each session will be an hour and a half of either Devon and Renita or Allison and Devon talking about the issues that matter to us, that challenge and inspire us, and push us to be our best selves against all odds. Join us for the first live stream episode on February 10th, 2022.

Tickets are by donation for the first episode.

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