If I were writing a film, or a book, or a fictional website again, Ghislaine Maxwell would be the Directress – I’ll go into this more later, but that’s EXACTLY who she’d be, and to prove it, here’s the photo I chose for the character I wanted to write about, vs the photo the world is seeing now.

 Monica Belluci – Cast as the as yet unnamed Character, known as “The Directors” in charge of sending women from one place to another for dirty deeds and secret collection.

Ghislaine Maxwell, the Witch known as the Directress in the story of my mind.

If they look similar it’s because they are, because I have always known these kinds of women exist, and exactly what they would look like. I’m not even remotely surprised that I chose someone who looked like her, over 3 years prior to hearing about her for the first time.

My own experience with child pedophiles has told me MORE than enough about the structure of the hierarchy of pedophile rings to know that everything you’re about to read is the honest truth of my own understanding of that world.

There is a special place in hell for men and women who sell children-like things, to be used as sex toys. Specifically, because the sale of these children, enables the destruction of their minds, souls, and eventually their bodies.

There are women all over the world called Courtesan’s, and their job is to be an actual high profile sex workers. They don’t always have sex with their clients, but they are grown men and women, (and other folks,) who get paid in the hundreds of thousands for a mere few hours of their time.

If you are a professional Sex Worker, this is literally the highest you can go. They work with politicians, they work with governments, and they are the “in-between” in the world because if your package is beautiful or appealing enough, you can demand anything you want.

Children, however, do not have that right. They do not have the protection that comes with time, and age, and growth, because all of these things are interrupted by adults who want to take their innocence and destroy it for profit.

The Courtesans, are exceptional at their job, they know how to get into places the average human wouldn’t even think of. They make the C.I.A. drool and they are quite literally the most powerful women on the planet because all they have to do is look pretty, be smart, (exceptionally smart, I might add,) and quiet.

They are terrifying, and for a very short amount of time, the woman known as Ghislaine Maxwell was surrounded by them. She was a vampire in a society that most of us claim we dream of being a part of, but would you really want to be? Would you really want to have vampires suckling at everything you have, just so they can wear the latest fashions?

Just so that they can wave their hands in the air to have grapes fed to them by hand? Sounds good right? But at what cost?

The cost is millions if not billions, of children around the world being moved like chess pieces while rich people burn their lives away, on the money they make from forcing these children to suffer.

If it’s not sex, it’s chocolate, if not chocolate then information. Children are valuable resources to this planet, and like all things that humans do, they are consumed and burned out far too early to fight back, and so that’s why we have to fight for them.

About seven years ago OpLithChild followed the story of a girl named Diamante Kedyate. A little girl who was taken at gun point from the only place in the world where she felt safe, by more than a hundred Lithuanian Police officers. Her aunt was subsequently arrested and placed in a jail cell before she escaped to America.

From America, she was deported back to Lithuania on the promise they did not try to punish her in any way that would cause her harm – no jail time and no death. She’s basically untouchable, that didn’t prevent Lithuania from taking away her Judgeship or destroying her life, the life of her son Karolis, and his cousin.

It also didn’t stop Diamante’s father, a judge, and a lawyer from being murdered, or from her father from being painted as the guilty party when the only thing he was trying to do was save his daughter, from the mother, who sold the child, at five years old, to government officials.

THESE are the kinds of people that Maxwell dealt with. In my fictional version of a story about this kind of shit, she would be known as the Directress. The woman is in charge of knowing what child goes where, and where they end up. In my fictional story about Krisya Ohana, the Directress is the one that decides whether you end up in a gutter or a castle.

In my fictional world, she’s the first to go, that breaks down the world that was so carefully built on the destruction of the lives of innocent, for the sake of the truly awful and guilty, and the more that I stop to think about my fictional story the more that I begin to understand Maxwell.

Right now she’s in the press complaining about the quality of the food, and the cell she’s in. Apparently, it smells like urine and has sewage. Where the fuck do you think she kept these kids? Where do you think she got them from? How do you think they feel about what was done to them?

Maxwell is only charged with 6 counts, but you look at the numbers, if you look at the book and the volume of the kinds of people she had access to, then you HAVE to assume the numbers are far greater. These are just the 6 that the world is LISTENING to.

That doesn’t count all the kids that have yet to be found, all the survivors hiding in the dark thanking God the witch is going to burn, while simultaneously being thrilled they don’t have to face the fame that comes with being one of her victims.

That doesn’t count all the stories she has in her head about the people who would rather see her dead than see her tell the truth about who they are. And if you think that Maxwell is quiet on her partners and co-conspirators, you’d probably be very correct about that. Because she won’t open her mouth until the OPPORTUNE moment, she’ll keep absolutely silent, because it’s easier to face a trial and show that you’re going to stay silent than open her mouth.

Here’s EXACTLY how this could go in a variety of ways:

  1. She’s found guilty, taken publically to a jail cell, shown to the world “see look we got her,” and then quietly removed and put in a pretty safe place as she rats out all the people she worked with for better treatment and food and luxury.
  2. She is murdered before she can finish the trial, as with Epstien who “killed himself,” yeah, sure.
  3. She finishes the trial and is found not guilty and released, only to be killed for whatever it was that she used to get such a verdict because there is NO way she’s innocent.

The culture that women like Maxwell come from is no different than gang culture, those who have power hoard it, and they control others who have less, or who pretend to have less power.

The power structure is exactly the same as ours:

Those at the top feed on those at the bottom with very little change in this behavioral pattern, unless those at the top are in danger and then they feed on each other.

You’ve seen it in a billion films, you’ve seen it in a trillion books, you’ve seen it at work for crying out loud. If you think that Maxwell is getting out of this without some kind of a deal, you’re nuts. And if you think that the people she SOLD those victims too are going to sit back and let her open her mouth about everything she did and who she did it for, you’re insane.

The kinds of parties and events she went to are littered with people who LITERALLY think they control the entire planet. They are absolutely convinced that they are descended from Gods, they are stunningly confused about the fact that without their slaves, read “employees,” they’d have to wipe their own asses.

Maxwell being on trial is going to decide HOW these rich, famous, child buying evil demonic creatures, decide to wipe their own ass, and the world is going to pat its collective chest and either cry in shame and guilt, or they’re going to be surprised because we are ALWAYS surprised when we know exactly what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen, who’s going to do it, and where it’s going to go down. Always. 🙄

May the Witch burn for eternal days

Devon J Hall

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