Police Killed 164 Black People In The First Eight Months of 2020, These Are Their Names

Now let me ask you again………what the fuck are you celebrating?

When I was a little girl, I had a very much idealized idea of America. Like all children around the world I bought into the lie that being an American meant freedom. I believed it meant freedom to live your life the way that you want, and as a child of sexual abuse, trafficking, and deep seeded trauma, I desperately wanted to believe in the idea of freedom.

As an adult, thirty odd years later however, I no longer buy into the idea that being American gives you a sense of freedom. I absolutely believe that being a WHITE American gives you freedom, but being colored in America I have recently learned, means sacrificing everything about yourself so you don’t get killed for being colored in America. By the same cops who are sworn to protect all Americans, but choose which Americans to protect, based on the color of your skin.

Are you angry at me? Where is the lie?

America and Canada have a lot in common, though Canadians love to pretend that’s not true. The major likeness that they have in common is that both Americans and Canadians have a serious problem with the color of people’s skin.

When Colin Kaepernick took a knee on the NFL football field to recognize the men, women, and children, who have been murdered by cops, white America lost it’s collective God damned mind.

They screamed, they yelled, they threw things, they called for an entire boycott of the NFL, and Kaepernick walked away from his dream of being an NFL football star to appease fans who couldn’t care less if he’d been shot in the head by a cop and left for dead, meanwhile the NFL said nothing in his defense.

When George Floyd died, a bunch of NFL Football players came out and shared their voices in a collective call for change:

Suddenly all of a sudden Black voices started to matter, but only because so many players came together to share their voices, and only in that it was lip service that changed absolutely nothing.

White cops continued to murder and kill Black folk, and white Americans continued to hang their head, turn their gaze, and keep their mouths shut.

On January 6th 2021, when WHITE American’s stormed the Capitol, members of the GOP decided to blame Black Lives Matter, Antifa and anyone and everyone except for the WHITE supremacist anarchists who actually killed five people. Seven months later we are still waiting for justice to be served.

Don’t tell me that America is great. Don’t tell me that America is a place of freedom. Don’t you DARE tell me that America is safe for AL Americans, America is safe for white people, it always has been, and frankly it is my fear that it always will be.

I have long since given up the idea that I will ever be able to cross that border safely, or that I will be safe when and if I do get to cross that border, because I know the color of my skin is such a trigger for some folk, that the very fact that I exist, can get me killed in a country where I should be safe.

America has been telling the world for a lot of years that it’s the greatest country on earth, and yet, this video perfectly explains why its not.

What are you celebrating today? Black death? Black trans women being raped and tortured at higher rates than anyone else in the country?

Indigenous folk being raped of their spirituality, their culture, their land, and their mental health at higher rates than anyone else on the planet? WHAT ARE YOU CELEBRATING?

If you’re a white person in America today planning to go to a BBQ to celebrate your freedom I hope you recognize that YOUR freedom came at the sacrifice of billions of people around the world, who are NOT white, because that’s what July 4th is. It’s a celebration of all the people that America destroyed so it can become the country it is today.

When I look at America I don’t see very much to be proud of, but I have the luxury of being outside the glass walls of “The Greatest Country in the World.”

If you’re celebrating American freedom today, you’re lying to yourself I feel sorry for you. Black farmers alone, are owed billions of dollars by a government who deliberately chose to shit on them to lift up white folk, so if you want to celebrate America today, celebrate the hundreds of thousands of Black folk who died so you can have a better life.

Sending all my love, to Black Americans ONLY

Devon J Hall

2 thoughts on “It’s July 4th 2021, What The Hell Are You Celebrating?

  1. Wow Devon, to Black Americans only lol. Oh no. Yeah I tell some people Happy 4th of July, mainly white or if a black person who celebrates. This is the honest truth though, that it shows who isn’t free more than anything. This is a great article, thanks for asking me to read this.


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