I need something that allows me to step outside of real life for awhile.

When I was 5 I knew I wanted to be a writer, and y’all already know this story, but what you don’t know, is that everything that I have ever been through, has been shoved into the back of my mind, behind a wall of genuine, Doctor administered brainwashing.

I say Doctor administered, because the kind of brainwashing that I have to deal with, was designed by an actual child psychologist. At least….I’m pretty convinced that it was, being that my 13 year old self was forced to see a child psychologist, who turned out to be a psychotic (literal term) pedophile.

That being said, Kadara Ascending is my way of dealing with all my views on the world, and my past. The characters are based on people that actually exist in this world – at least the personality types, of real people who exist in this non-fiction world.

Kadara Ascending is about a series of layered societies that all co-exist, but not peacefully. Everyone has their motives, some want freedom, others want power. Some want truth, others want blood, each of the stories that I am telling on this blog are made up in my own mind, but they are very similar to events that real people might have experienced.

I’ve even created real life props to make the blog appear more realistic. This journal for instance makes an appearance in a “Faces of Evil” post. It also happens to be the real life journal of where I keep all the notes and information about the stories that I want to tell.

Throughout the year I am going to be telling the story of love, pain, sorrow, rage, war, revenge, and freedom, and I am doing this specifically so I can focus on something that isn’t “mental health” twenty four hours a day.

Splitting my time between two blogs is actually not as hard as I thought it was going to be, now that I have the basic story woven together. With each post that I create I become closer and closer to telling the story how I survived so many years of rape, torture, and abuse.

I am excited about this project because it pulls together many different kinds of spirituality and cultures from around the world, and shows what happens when only a select few have power over the collective.

If you are looking for something to escape into, romance, intrigue, and adventure, are definitely going to be included in this website, and the best part is that I get to write it about my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Over the coming months you’ll learn a lot about Surrey, BC as well, and some of the places that inspired so many sections of this story. I hope you enjoy reading it, and I encourage you to create your own Kadara characters if you decide to comment.

So, in honor of the world famous Midnight Society, I present to you

Kadara Ascending: First, Blood

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