Joe Rogan Says Giving Into The Woke Mob Will Result In ‘Straight White Men’ Not Being Allowed To Talk

May 17, 20215:59 AM Daily Caller



If you’re interested in reading the article, you can click here, but I can already promise you that it’s going to say the exact opposite of what I am about to say here.

Joe Rogan is a stain on American Journalism. He’s the guy that says exactly what he says, precisely because he knows it’s going to anger people, and because people are angry, other people are going to spend money to get him to keep talking, just because people will forever talk about Joe Rogan.

I suspect this is in part because he gets paid, and in part because he enjoys the attention. He is the classic narcissist who will say annoying, false, over the top bullshit, just to get people talking about him, and then when he goes “too far”, he’ll walk it back with an apology that he believes will change how people see him…until the next time.

Generally speaking, a narcissist will have an exaggerated sense of self-importance. The condition is estimated to affect around 0.5% of the general population in the US, with up to 75% of those being men. The effects of the condition can range from having a mildly negative effect on those afflicted and those around them to potentially destroying numerous lives.

Joe Rogan is the classic.

And unfortunately the world is filled with men just like him. Men who say whatever they want to say, knowing it’s going to trigger you, push your buttons, or piss you off, and then they wonder why you’re so angry, while they get off on the fact that you are angry at them.

The ironic thing is that while he’s pretending to be genuinely shocked and sorry that he’s hurting you, he REALLY, is getting off on it, and that leads me to the “white cis, jerk,” type of personality.

The average white cis guy is not in fact a jerk, or even remotely abusive, but because so many people who look like him ARE, the very image of the “average cis white guy,” can be incredibly triggering for some people.

I currently have a blanket over my balcony door because of all the construction happening on the front of my building. Every day white men are popping in and out of my balcony window, and it freaks me out. It genuinely sends my heart racing every time I see one of them out of the corner of my eye.

That’s because so many of the men who abused me were the “average white cis guy,” the guys who “wouldn’t hurt a fly,” are the same men that raped me, beat me, tortured me, branded me, traumatized me, and hypnotized me into believing that I was never going to be anything but their victim.

Men like Joe Rogan rarely take people like me into consideration, because they don’t fucking care. What does he care that when I was fifteen white men who look just like him broke into my room and raped me for weeks?

What does he care that teachers, priests, friends, “allies,” who all promised to be the good guy, were the same guys that grabbed my breast, referred to my vagina as a “pussy,” and treated me like a living breathing sex doll for most of my life?

He doesn’t. He doesn’t have to, he’s too busy getting paid for being a professional asshole, so really when you read any article that says “Joe Rogan Says…” do me a favor and pass by it, because chances are likely that it’s just going to be a bunch of bullshit prioritizing men like Joe Rogan over victims and survivors like you and I.

He doesn’t care that his words hurt your heart, or that his thoughts about the world cause damage because those that follow and respect him will also ignore how his behavior affects those around him, thus contributing to the constant stream of “he was such a nice guy I’m so surprised,” that comes after some poor woman or child is beaten to death and tossed in a trash can.

It’s not just “white guys” it’s ALL men, all men who remain silent when their friends touch a woman’s body without permission. Men who rape and abuse so that they can dehumanize women and make them feel small and insignificant are at one end of the spectrum, and the men who remain silent are at the other, but the damage of remaining silent is just as desperately painful as the act of abuse itself.

Joe Rogan is the kind of guy that has absolutely heard a woman screaming while he’s been at a party, and he’s absolutely the kind of man who would ignore the screams in favor of another beer, or a hot chick willing to do whatever he wants for the night, and as harsh as that may sound, if Joe Rogan doesn’t want me to see him in that light, then he should stop behaving like “white cis men” are fucking victims.

Victims suffer for the rest of their lives, even when they switch their language and call themselves survivors, they are still suffering. They are trying hard, fighting with everything they have, hoping someone notices so that the victim/survivor in question knows that they’re doing okay.

There are dark and scary things in this world, and they usually come in the form of the average white cis guy whose really nice, until he’s not. The fact that Joe Rogan continues to ignore that fact says a lot about where he puts women on the scale of importance.

He is not a friend, he is not an ally, he’s the guy that will remain silent, he’s said that repeatedly, through his behavior and the constant barrage of “poor me, I’m just a rich white guy getting paid to say whatever I want regardless of who it hurts,” tweets, podcasts, interviews, and vlogs.

While some people may point to this post as evidence that I am just another angry Black woman with a platform, the truth is that I am just pointing out what should be absolutely obvious.

Joe Rogan does not care about you, he doesn’t give a flying fuck about his fans, he wants what is in your bank account, and he’ll say and do anything to get it. Don’t believe me? Go back and watch all those episodes of him psychology torturing people for the chance that they MIGHT make some money and get a little fame.

“It was just a job,” it was just a job he didn’t have to take. He could have taken an honest account of all the mental, emotional, and spiritual harm Fear Factor caused, and he could have sat down and apologized for being a part of such a harmful form of “entertainment,” but instead he has continued his barrage of “I hate the world because I’m a white guy and everyone hates me for making a few bucks.”

It’s not that we hate you because you’re rich, it’s not even that we hate you, it’s that the shit you say is offensive, cruel, and fucking ignorant of all of the people who wake up every single day wanting to die, because a “straight white cis guy,” the “nice guy,” is the guy who raped, beat, tortured, and branded us with their marks of evil.

No Joe Rogan, I don’t hate you, I just think you could really stand to take an honest look at the harm you’ve caused and make different choices.

But that’s up to you. You do what you gotta do, and I’ll make sure that those you’ve harmed know they always have a space here at Loud Mouth Brown Girl.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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