I’ve been thinking a lot about the garden of Eden recently, about Adam, Eve, and the desire to be more than what you’re told you can be.

If it hadn’t been for Eve eating an apple, we as humans are supposed to believe, that we wouldn’t be where we are today. Everything in the Universe would be perfect if Eve hadn’t eaten, and then convinced Adam to eat a fucking apple, apparently.

Today I find the act of eating apples or even apple sauce a moment of both deep reflection, and serious rebellion.

I eat the apple because the bible says that we’re not supposed to, but Witchcraft teaches us that apples are a sign of both intelligence, and protection. I eat the apple because I was molested by a Catholic Priest, who told me that God hated me because the color of my skin is brown.

I’ve also been thinking about what is happening in Palestine right now, about the generational genocide of innocent women, children, and men, who just want to exist without being blown to shit for trying to get an education, or go to work.

The war between the light and the dark has been going on for centuries, the weaponry has become more advanced, but the result is the same, and honestly it can be really scary to sit back and recognize all the privalege you have when you know you can’t help people half a world away.

When I was at Catholic school we used to write letters and cards for the soldiers who were abroad, some of them had families in my school, many of them actually, but some didn’t have any family members. The Canadian Army and the men and women they served with, were and are, their family.

When you have the opportunity you will do anything to protect your family, and the beliefs that that family has taught you to hold dear, even if those beliefs are detrimental to other people who believe differently.

One of the most famous people in the world is a woman who played Wonder Woman, a character designed to inspire young women to believe that they can be anything, do anything, and save the world while looking amazing.

Gal Gadot happens to be the woman chosen to play Wonder Woman, she also happens to be a former member of the Israeli army, an army that’s major focus is on destroying every mention of Palestine across the world.

The world governments have largely ignored what is happening in Gaza and Palestine, because frankly it’s a lot easier to stay out of the arguments between Israel and Palestine then it is to get involved.

Israel has control of a lot of oil, and many governments around the world depend on that oil to keep the world moving, which means that because of this, Israel pretty much gets away with doing whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean that they are doing the right thing.

I don’t know if Eve ate an apple that she was specifically told not to eat, because a snake convinced her that eating the apple would change her life and alter her perceptions, but personally I doubt it.

What I do know however is that there is a clear line between what is right and what is wrong. As a child when I would think about all the kids whose parents were in the Canadian Army, I couldn’t help but wonder how much of the war would have an affect on those of us here at home.

We learned a lot about how in World War 2, women who had gotten used to staying at home for centuries to raise kids, suddenly had to go to an actual job, which often required education. World’s War 1 & 2 opened up the idea that women could go to school, they could go to work, they could bring home the bacon, and they could raise the kids, if just given the chance. The result of those wars were a lot of needless deaths, but to that end, there was a lot of mind opening experiences for women and children that happened because of those wars.

That doesn’t mean that those wars were good things, it means that we as humans learned to find the light in the tunnel, we found something good out of something terribly tragic.


The world has been at war every single day that I have been alive, and I want it to stop. I want everyone in every city, town, and suburb, on this planet to put down their God awful guns.

I want the violence that has permeated every corner of this planet to stop. I want children to stop being murdered, I want children to stop being raped, tortured, and molested. I want every human on this planet to come to a place of acceptance, where we accept that not everyone thinks the same way, or believes in the same ideology, but that we can all believe what we want to believe, without hurting each other.

I want us to come to the place where we can find common ground, and an understanding of respect and love for each other, but I also recognize that after all the damage that has been done, it’s going to take time and we need to be patient.

There will come a time when the world settles and we are no longer at war, but it’s not going to happen until we start to recognize that the way to world peace is not through world domination, but through world respect.

Each of us has to learn that we are responsible for our actions, for our thoughts, and for what we put into the world. I am working on that, understanding that because I exist, I have responsibilities to my fellow human beings. It’s difficult when you’ve been beaten down to believe that you can get up again and find a place for yourself in the fight between good and evil, but its entirely possible.

Some people find it just too difficult to be the kind of person they want to be, because the thought of climbing past all the internal darkness is just too overwhelming, but that’s why there is the rest of us. We have to be willing to pick up the fallen and encourage them to keep moving, so that they don’t get left behind.

Each of us in our way is doing our part, and the sooner that we recognize that your very existence has an affect on the world, the more you start to realize that you have the power to change what you DO with your existence, so that you can feel like you are a productive member of society.

We have it really good here in the western side of the planet, we’re not really at war with anyone but each other, but we’re not dying by the hundreds every day due to bombings and shootings and being hassled by foreign armies.

Many of us have food on the table, we can got o school and get an education, and we have opportunities that kids in places like Palestine only dream of. Remember that the next time you think you want to die, because although you really might feel like you want to die…the fact that you are still alive has a powerful effect on the world. You have the ability to step up and raise your voice, to make changes to the world.

It might take time for the noise to die down so that people can hear you, can listen to your ideas, and even decide to implement some of them, but it WILL happen.

That’s more than a lot of people have, and there is power in that. YOU have power, even if you don’t know how to define it. I promise.

Sending all my love to the people of Palestine today,

Devon J Hall

One thought on “The War Between Good And Evil Has Evolved, But It’s Still Just A War Between Good And Evil

  1. Amen! Love this paragraph:
    “There will come a time when the world settles and we are no longer at war, but it’s not going to happen until we start to recognize that the way to world peace is not through world domination, but through world respect.”
    This world needs more empathetic people to do this, for sure.


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