Throughout history our celebrities be them humans or Gods, have always been the kind of people whose names are known the world over.

From Istanbul to China, Africa to Canada, the title of celebrity means the exact same thing.

“The world knows your name and at least a dozen stories about you are true, and probably a hundred that are full of shit.”

I’ve been thinking about LMBG and the effect that I want it to have on the world. I want it to be one of the most famous websites in the world, and I want people to look at me with respect, to believe that I have the answers they are looking for. I want to help people, but I also recognize that wanting to be known for helping people is incredibly selfish.

The difference between me and Hollywood is that in Hollywood people don’t necessarily want to be known for being the good guy that helps you achieve your dreams.

But they do want to tear you down and rip you apart while pretending that they are helping you.

For years we in the mundane world have fetishsized Hollywood, looking to the great city of Hollywood California as a burning star in the night sky. We have ignored the rumors of abuse and trauma in favor of worshipping those who get to live or visit there.

We have sat back and listened to the horror stories with half an ear while we were fantasizing about our favorite celebrities wishing that “we” would be the one they’d fall in love with and whisk away.

We have waxed poetically about all the different people and the adventures they might get to have, rarely paying attention to the fact that they are sacrificing very real parts of themselves so that their dreams can come true. Worse, so that our dreams can come true through their existence.

We the public are just to blame for what happens in Hollywood as the abusers themselves, and that’s why I couldn’t be more proud of all the men and women who have come forward to talk about the abuses they experienced.

For the first time in history people are putting their pride and their self interest over their own wealth and their own dreams, and it’s beautiful to witness. For thousands of years the bodies and men and women have been used as weapons by their abusers, and for the first time in history people across the planet are fighting back.

From the woman in China who beat her boss with a mop for sending her lewd text messages, to the twenty women who recently came forward against Noel Clarke.

I stand with every single victim of abuse and trauma in the history of time, you already know that, but it’s important for me to keep repeating it because I never want to forget what it felt like to be ignored when I raised my concerns about what I was facing.

I no longer watch the X-Men films because of allegations of abuse against Bryan Singer, it’s not much of a sacrifice, those films were crap anyways. I will no longer support artists in Hollywood or Politicians from Quebec to Washington who are accused of unwanted sexual advances against another human being.

I no longer look to the bright lights of Hollywood as a salvation, I no longer look to Hollywood as if it has all the answers to my freedom. I recognize that I still want to be credited for my work, but I will never again tolerate being made to feel small so that others can feel big.

I am never going to the place where I sacrifice parts of my body, mind, and soul, for my dreams, when I know that the sacrifice will cause more damage than blessings.

From Alyssa Milano to Oprah, women across the spectrum of Hollywood have raised complaints, and while I think it’s long past time that we start listening to them, I also think that it’s important to realize that we actually do have the power to support them. Regardless of how they identify their physical forms.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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