My mom has been doing this event for years now, and I am really proud of her. Normally in days when we aren’t living in a pandemic, various teams across the country will take one day or one evening off, to go for a walk in the cold with their friends and family.

The intent is to give them an idea of what it feels like to be outside when it is snowing, or raining, and you have nowhere warm to go. The difference is that at the end of the walk, these volunteers can go back inside, get a warm cup of hot coffee or cocoa, and spend time laughing about how cold it is outside.

That being said, the program raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for organizations that help combat the battle of the cold. These organizations across Canada raise money for food, clothing, and warm places for people to stay so that those without a home of their own, can get in from the cold.

My mom’s team is doing a digital version of this event this year due to the pandemic, and because of that they haven’t been able to raise a ton of money like they have in other years. If you could see it in your heart to join their team and donate a dollar or two that would be absolutely wonderful. If you can’t raise money through your networks you can still join the team and participate in the online meet up. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from across the Country, who are doing their part to help those they can.

Every moment of helping someone who is cold is absolutely significant. If we’re only talking about how sad it is, but we aren’t actually doing our part, then we’re allowing people to suffer needlessly. That’s a harsh statement, but it is true.

I often complain about the fact that I wasn’t happy when I was working with those living below the poverty line, but if I am being 100% honest, some of the best conversations, some of the best moments, came from meeting people who lived a life that didn’t provide them with a roof over their heads.

I had experiences and moments of learning and evolution that I wouldn’t have had otherwise if I hadn’t had the opportunity to be on the front lines of the poverty sector. I am sharing this because homelessness and poverty affects hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Coldest Night Of The Year is your chance to help open some doors for folks who are in need right now.

If you would like to join Jonquil’s Strollers and donate to the cause, you can do so at the link below.

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