Some people are just stupid. Like genuinely stupid, and not only are they stupid, they are willingly choosing to spread that stupidity around the world as quickly as possible.

Israeli Rabbi Daniel Asor took to the internet last weekend to warn his listeners “any vaccine made using an embryonic substrate, and we have evidence of this, causes opposite tendencies.” The embryonic substrate Asor refers to an element of the new vaccine used to program immune response in patients.


Are you fucking kidding me? Have you been slapped with a stupid stick? Were you born this dumb? Were you smashed in the head with a pillowcase full of bricks? All due respect Rabbi, but shut the fuck up.

Shit like this is why so many of us question our sexuality and orientation, this shit is why we’re afraid to just be who we are, because our “Religious Leaders” keep acting like being gay, or a lesbian, or two spirited, or transgender, or bisexual, is a bad thing. I have news for you, it’s absolutely not.

This man has access to 14,000 people who follow him, believe him, and aid him in spreading his dangerous lies and theories, and I am led to the question “when is enough, enough?”

In the Roman Empire it was well known that Alexander The Great had a thing for the gentlemen, so did other Emperors, it was kind of a thing, enjoying sex and sexuality without focusing on one’s gender. People in those days just did what felt good, and the didn’t worry about what other people thought of them.

People have been fighting for the right to exist, without other people telling them who to be, for as long as I have been alive.

For me, my awareness about the world started when I saw Rodney King being beaten in the streets by cops, it only continued when I saw a gay couple walking down the street hand in hand in Calgary and my mom’s boyfriend said it was “gross”, I thought it was beautiful.

When I was about thirteen years old I told a gay boy in my class not to come out because I was genuinely afraid the bullies that bullied me for existing would do the same to him. I had absolutely no faith they would treat him better, I should have known at the time that being white and gay was cooler than being Black.

Being Black and gay? That’s an entirely different war zone, and that’s a zone that a lot of young people experience every single day. While trying to survive a world that hates you because of the color of your skin, there is a whole group of people hate you for wanting to fall in love with your person, because that person might be the same government issued gender as yourself. There is just no winning with these people and it’s utterly exhausting.

I am so tired of these seemingly unassuming Religious Leaders using God as a way to create division and hatred among us, because I don’t think that God hates gay people. I think that God understands perfectly well that people come in all colors, sizes, genders, and orientations and I have to believe that God isn’t really focused on who I want to have sex or children with.

The problem with these religious leaders is that they are followed by our parents, the people who are supposed to set us up for our future. We believe in them because our parents believe in them, and we believe in our parents, we grow up believing that our parents have our best interests at heart and unfortunately that’s not always true.

Sometimes our parents want us to fit into these well organized detail oriented boxes that don’t suit the people that we as individuals want to be, and sometimes we’re forced to break away from the people who are supposed to love us no matter what, in order to save ourselves, and the whole process can shatter everything you think you know about yourself.

I want to make myself perfectly clear. The new vaccines will not make you gay, if you are LGBTQ2+ it is because you were born that way. You were born as a beautiful caterpillar and it is your destiny to unfold your wings and become the person that you want to be, not the person the world thinks that you should be.

The person you are going to become is the person that YOU decide you want to become, no matter what your choices are in life, and you will have many, the one thing that you cannot change is your sexual identity, added to that I’d like to remind you that being LGBTQ2+ is not just about who you want to have sex with.

I am a bisexual mixed race Black woman, and I don’t particularly care about the gender of the people I am with. The only reason that my sexual partners have always been men, is because I was raped by men and I was recreating the abuse that I experienced when I was getting raped. The few partners that I chose consensually were chosen purely because I never thought about being with a woman because I didn’t know I was allowed to be.

It took me a really long time to realize that I don’t actually need permission to love whoever I decide to love, and when the day comes that I am ready to love someone, regardless of their gender, it’s not going to because of a fucking vaccine, it’s going to be because the person I choose is the perfect person for me at the time of choosing.

These ideas that drinking, or smoking pot, or taking a vaccine will make you gay, are designed to make you afraid of yourself. They are designed to shame you into believing that you wouldn’t fall in love with an LGBTQ2+ person without them.

I hate to break it to you but girl if you gay you gay and there ain’t nothing in the world that is going to change that shit, so embrace the fuck out of it, because love is amazing when you stop thinking about someone’s gender and start thinking about someone’s heart and soul.

To all the kids who have been damaged by this hateful rhetoric, I am sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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