Before you say that what I have to say doesn’t matter because I am Canadian, let me assure you, that as a Canadian who has had to bear witness to the bullshit that is American politics for the last four years, I have every right to weigh in with what is going on in the world right now.

I remember the terror in my mother’s voice when she screamed “oh my god, it’s a pandemic.” My mother doesn’t share terror, she doesn’t share fear, so when she is afraid, I absolutely frozen with the emotion of fear.

I remember a few days later when she started buying as much toilette paper and sanitizer as she could get her hands on, and on and on it went with groceries and supplies, “just in case.”

Just in case for us turned out pretty well, but we’re some of the lucky ones, and it helps that we live in Canada. The same cannot be said for my American neighbors, they did not come out of this year fairing as well as my family did.

It’s not because they didn’t take precautions, it’s not because they didn’t try to do everything right, it’s because in the middle of a motherfucking 2020, been done predicted for a hundred years now, PANDEMIC, the American Government, let down it’s people in the worst way in history.

To be fair, they had Donald Trump at the helm of the American empire, so what exactly did they expect? On the other hand, by December of 2020, more than three hundred thousand people died from Covid19. A disease so named because it was discovered in 2019, and released into the wild, in 2020. Not because it came from China as the very racist white wing President would have you believe.

Growing up I heard a lot about evil regimes, but they always lived in places like Iraq and Iran, away from this world that I grew up. As a child I remember thinking to myself, “the soldiers go off to war, to destroy the countries of children just like me, in order to create peace. When will that war come home with them?” I was nine when I had this thought, and it stuck with me, because I saw the result of what war did to the families of kids I went to school with.

I heard the stories about Soldiers in the states, and here, coming home and murdering their families, because of issues like PTSD.

The thing about PTSD, is that it takes awhile for you to recognize that this is what you are going through, and the result of 2020 is going to be a lot of people going through PTSD.

In the United States of America alone, the numbers of domestic abuse cases has risen, but we’re not talking about that are we? We’re not talking about the fact that around the world, an estimated thousands of men, women, and children, have been murdered by domestic partners who have been stuck at home in the middle of a pandemic.

We’re not talking about suicide, we’re not talking about addiction, homelessness, poverty, we’re not talking about anything, because we’re too busy talking about the fact that you have the unmitigated gaul, to come out after the fact and say shit like “I am traumatized by the person I became while working for Donald Trump.” Are you fucking kidding me?

Y’all had the keys to the kingdom, you had the power to change the world, for four years, and instead of doing anything to protect your country from this man, you did everything in your power to protect this man from your country, and now you want me to sympathize with you? You want me to feel sorry for you? You want to tell me about PTSD, anxiety, depression, fear? All of these are consequences of the fact that you a) helped Donald Trump become president, b) you allowed him to break laws that would have a Black person locked up for the rest of their lives, and you c) continue to defend your time there with the mantra of “I didn’t have a choice.”

Fuck yes, you fucking did have a choice. You can all go back to hiding your Trump 2021 gear, you can put away your stickers and your posters and flags, you can shut down your Twitter accounts, or delete your tweets and scrub your past posts, but we know who you are now, and we’re not having it. At least I’m not.

I’m not interested in your apologies. I am not interested in hearing how the cop from Boston wasn’t “really laughing and joking about how he ran over Black Lives Matter” protesters in his fucking cop car.

I’m not interested in Chris Evan’s telling me that he’s going to have more representatives of color on his website about politics in 2020, I don’t want to hear the apologies, the sentiments, the book deal signings, none of it. I want you to go the fuck away. (Yes dude, when you contribute to the eraser of colored faces, you are participating in the racial patriarchy that is killing Black folk. Love you, but it’s true.)

In 2021, you’ll go to work for some high power firm where you will still be pulling six or seven figures, where you will still be defending your right to defend that piece of shit, where you will still be acting like the lies you swallowed made you a victim instead of a perpetrator. I am not interested in it. I don’t feel sorry for you, I don’t envy your journey and I don’t think you’re deserving of all the press that you’re getting.

For four years you spent time lying, gaslighting the American people, and abusing the power that was given to you. I hope you all end up in prison.

That’s my one wish.

Devon J Hall

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