I’ve been thinking about this for years, and I think that there are millions of hidden psychics who use their gifts to tell stories about shit they’ve seen, so as not to be seen as completely crazy.

Today scientists discovered that they can splice monkey brains with human brain cells to make monkeys both more human, and smarter. I have never once seen any of the Planet Of the Apes films, but it doesn’t take a fucking genius to see where this is going to end up.

I am seriously starting to question my hypothesis these days, because I recently found out that human beings are creating bionic body parts, and embedding computer chips into their bodies, “just to see what will happen,” because at the end of the day that’s what science is.

It is the never ending search for what “could” happen, given the right elemental mixtures.

And I am not going to lie, I am really scared about what the future holds. I’ve been meditating a lot this year on where the world could end up.

What happens after you die?

Can an ordinary human being actually become a true living God?

What happens when God’s die? Where do they go?

What happens after that?

On and on these existential thoughts have been roaming through my head, partially because I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, and a crop ton of weed to help push my brain to think about things more than just my current situation.

I once had a teacher named Rachel who said she wasn’t a Witch, she would say that she was a Scientist who didn’t know, how much she didn’t know about the world.

Even though she practiced the craft, she always found herself looking for a logical explanation to shit that seemed far more majickal than scientific.

I am all for the exploration of the universe, I think that we all inside of ourselves need to use the stories from the past, to encourage us to believe that anything is possible.

But just because I hiked up the mountain to the big scary giant fucking door at the top of the ice covered, demon surrounded mountain, doesn’t mean I am not terrified on what is on the other side of the door.

I remember when Rachel was trying to teach me the craft she told me to “experiment and see what happens, just be prepared to accept the consequences,” the thing is…I’ve realized recently that my actions, whatever the intentions might be have consequences.

I’ve also realized that I might not be the one who has to pay for my actions, my actions might actually make someone else’s life worse, even though that’s not my intention.

So what I’m saying is, when scientists start splicing human genomes into the brains of fucking monkey’s, and they eventually take over the world, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves, because billions of dollars were made on the idea that this could happen one day.

I don’t know if movies like the Matrix and Planet of the Apes, and other films that talk about what happens when humans put science over the need of humanity are written by psychics, but what I do know is that they are absolutely warnings.

And humans, time and time again, are forever trying to push the bounds of what is necessary for the “chance”that things might turn out okay.

The reason that we have so many viruses and medical diseases around the planet are purely because someone was diddling around in a lab trying to see what could happen if they started diddling around in the fucking lab.

At what point do we decide that human consciousness has grown far enough? At what point do we stop exploring what could be, and start dealing with what is? We lose our souls.

The counterbalance to the fact that humans cannot help but destroy themselves time and time again, is that humans aren’t supposed to.

We are supposed to evolve, to become whatever it is that humans become after they are done being human. We are meant to explore, experiment, and test the bounds of our reality, so that we can ascend into whatever comes next.

Yet, there is a part of me that wonders if some of us haven’t left the fucking ….farm, and lost their bloody minds.

Largely because given what I know about politics, and how politician’s work, I worry about whose going to be the one to call the shots. I worry about what they are not telling us and what we do not know.

I worry about all the unanswered questions that lots of humans refuse to ask, because the answers we know are probably far more terrifying then the questions.

I think about this stuff and I seriously think that at some point the universe is going to start poking and prodding back and it’s going to be uncomfortable for everyone around.

That’s my psychic prediction.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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