Earlier last week I posed a question on twitter that I found on Facebook, and the question was which would you choose:

So….Originally I chose two million in cash, but I didn’t think about paying taxes on that, assuming that I live another thirty years, four thousand dollars a week is a pretty nice lifestyle, with plenty of money to participate in helping communities that I am passionate about.

The question remains, how much money is enough money? I keep thinking about celebs and the amount of money they amass for the work they do. For argument’s sake let’s take Jeff Bezos.

Personally I have zero problem with billionaire’s, it helps that I plan to be one one, one day, but seriously though, I don’t have a problem with people who have a lot of money, because I know that they give back as much as they are able to.

That being said, the argument has been made that Jeff Bazos could donate a lot more money than he does, and still have a hundred billion (or whatever, I don’t know how much he’s worth and I’m not looking it up) left over.

There is power, and responsibility that comes with having money that those of us who do not have excess amounts don’t understand, and will never understand in a lot of cases.

Those of us who don’t have as much are often fond of saying things like “well if I had his / her / their money I would….” what would you do? Would you give it away until you had nothing left? “Well of course not,” you would answer slightly offended like I had just said something cruel.

No, you wouldn’t, you’d give as much as you are comfortable giving, and that would be the end of it, and the rest of us would sit here silently or verbally judging you for not doing more.

The point is, that we all want enough money to take care of ourselves and our family, to pay our bills and maybe travel a little here and there, while simultaniously being able to give back to the communities we care about.

But how much is enough money? What number would make you happy? What number would feed your soul and fill your heart with pride and joy?

For me it’s the work that matters, and the validation comes from people who resonate with my work by telling me that what I am doing matters to them. I don’t have a lot of money and I probably won’t be the one in a million who makes content creation their career, but I do know that the work is what matters.

Of course I can trace that right back to an episode of Buffy wherein she says “The Mission Matters”, and it’s true.

More than the money, more then the awards, the knowledge that I am out here doing what I can to help mitigate some of the damage that abuse causes, means more to me then the money ever will.

Even if it means that I can buy those super sexy boots I haven’t thought about buying from John Fluevog.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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