The Wildfires.

One of the largest is happening in California, and was started by fireworks that were set off at a gender reveal party.

The audacity of it is what I find offensive. That people make the choice on a regular basis not to care about their neighbors and friends for the sake of showmanship is so frustrating.

The sky is orange. The only thing that I have to compare it to are the Fort Mac fires that happened here in Canada last year.

This is a truly terrifying image of a corner of the world that I will probably never see, and it’s starting to make me wonder what’s going to be left when I am finally able to travel in the style that I hope to become accustomed to.

When I look at this picture, I see a future for the world that is filled with darkness and flames, because as the world gets hotter, the more it will inevitably burn.

There are of course things that we can do to cut back on climate change, like driving less and taking transit more. We could be recycling a lot more, we could shut down our technology earlier, these little things could change the world.

However, being that we can’t even get people to wear a fucking mask, I don’t see them giving up their cars any time soon.

During the pandemic scientists said that the world stopped vibrating as much as it had been, seismologists in particular have said they’ve noticed less “ambient seismic noise”, according to CNN, which means that the world is starting to, for lack of a better phrase, chill out a little bit.

That’s really cool. It means less earth quakes, it means less volcano explosions, it means the world is starting to “feel” better. Of course it won’t last because humans are never comfortable with being uncomfortable for long.

Human comfort is and has always been our greatest sin. Our ancestors used to sleep on rock floors, now we sleep on magical marshmallows. With every comfort we have added to our lives, the world has suffered a little more. From the killing of innocent animals for our food and our clothing, to the destruction of the ozone layer, for the sake of our comfort and ease of life.

These wild fires are entirely the fault of humanity and it’s time that we start taking physical responsibility for our actions, not just emotional responsibility. I keep thinking about the family that set off fire works for their gender reveal party. I hope there is jail time. I mean this genuinely. I hope they go to fucking jail.

An entire forest of trees has been destroyed and it will take at least twenty years for new trees to take the place of the dead trees. People forget that we are able to breath on this earth because TREES create oxygen, without them we will all die, but I suppose that doesn’t matter when you’re about to reveal the gender of your child, right?

I’m just sick and angry about it all, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Do better humanity, the earth deserves it.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

2 thoughts on “The Sky Is Orange….America Is Burning….And So is Canada…

  1. The idea that a gender reveal party equates to a huge fire that wipes out a whole community and then-some is beyond unimaginable. This isn’t reality right? I’d play guess what race they are, but since no immediate arrests were made, can we already guess? 😔

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