Should Straight people, stop using the Pride flag all together? Or is it a symbol that helps us recognize safe spaces we can go to for help should we need it?

I disagree with the above statement. I think that the Pride Flag is a reminder that there are people who stand with me as a Woman of Color, as a member of the Queer community.

I stand with people hoisting this flag in every corner of every nation, and I think it’s important that we allow discussion on this topic, which is why I am writing about it.

However some people think it should be reserved for those of us who are Queer, or who identify as LGBTQ. I understand that.

The BDSM community uses the Triskeles symbol, to identify each other. They wear it on necklaces, tattoos, bracelets and a variety of other ways to show others that they are proud members of the BDSM community. I was today years old when I learned the following:

“Derived from the Greek word “Triskeles” meaning “three legs”, the Triskele or Triple Spiral is a complex ancient Celtic symbol. … Movement, or motion, is believed to signify energies, in particular within this Celtic Symbol the motion of action, cycles, progress, revolution and competition.”

When I see the symbol on another human being, I know that this is a person I can go to for help if I am in a public situation and in some kind of danger. They get it, they understand.

It’s the same with the Pride flag. Many companies and small businesses hoist the flag in their windows to let people outside the glass know that that company is a safe space to go in a time of panic or need. It lets us Queer folk know that we are welcome in their space, and I appreciate that.

Not everyone agrees, some people like the user above, believe that the Pride flag should be exclusive to the community that it represents, so that we can identify each other.

So I took the question to the gayest person I know, Doctor Jen Marchbank, who has spent more than the last decade working with Youth For A Change, which teaches youth how to speak for themselves by speaking their LGBTQ2+ Truth.

While I don’t speak for everyone, I would think that, youth specifically would enjoy seeing the flag up in spaces where they are welcome, so they know they are welcome. But that doesn’t mean that I am correct, so I place the question in the hands of the collective.

What do you think? Are you a proud Pride Ally? Do you hoist the flag? How do you feel about taking it down so that only LGBTQ2+ wear it and hoist it?

For me personally, I am okay with it, but I do not speak for the entire community.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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