When Kim Rhodes read my book, she called it the psychic equivalent of the Body Moves art show. If you haven’t seen it, Body Moves is a series of skinless dead bodies put on display so people can learn how the human body works. It’s raw, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s there for anyone and everyone to see.

That was what writing Uncomfortable was like, and the more that I thought about the way I see the world, the more I realized that the one thing that was missing in my life, was human connection.

This is true because of the pandemic, but especially so because a year prior to that, I cut all my old friends and “family” out of my life. I did so because I needed to heal, and I needed to do it in a judge free environment, without worrying about what other people would think about my healing methods.

Throughout this pandemic I have realized that as much as I don’t miss going out and partying, I do miss having conversations with people. I miss communicating with other human beings about the construct of the world that we’re living in today.

Yesterday I interviewed Stephanie Massey, about Cannabis, and I remembered how much I love doing podcasting, and radio. So I decided to call the episode Comfortably Uncomfortable Conversations with Devon J Hall.

It’s going to be a series of conversations, specifically with women about all things cannabis, mental health, trauma and trauma response. It’s my way of expanding on the book Uncomfortable, by showcasing some of the women who push me, inspire me, mentor me and teach me to be a better version of myself.

I would like to say that each show will be available weekly, but we all know how I am about keeping to a schedule, but you can subscribe to them here. I am excited about this because it combines my passion of talking, with my passion of connecting to others from around the world.

Each one will be different, though they will lean heavily towards Cannabis and Cannabis culture, there will be special guests and special hosts and I am pretty fucking excited.

Check out the first one with Stephanie Massey from StephieMassey.Com here.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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