I was going to write a post about addiction, but right now my current addiction is the news. I have become a complete and total junkee for what is happening around the world.

I have to tell you, I am fucking terrified. Secret Police nabbing people off the street, and we’re not hearing from lawyers, we’re not hearing about this on the news, we’re learning of this through social media.

When Anonymous first started gathering their army, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, I just knew that I wanted and needed to be a part of something bigger than myself.

That being said, looking at the result of three hard and difficult years of Hacktivism, I can’t believe this is what the world has become.

Someone today said it was time to call the Hackers – for what? They did their job. They woke the world up to what’s going on in the world, their job is done now.

Except…what if Trump’s Russian allies try to fuck with the vote? Can we call on the Hackers to protect the digital voting systems? Do we have the right?

People have largely forgotten about the Paypal14, they have largely forgotten about Barrett Brown and his sacrifices, and it kills me to say that. I don’t get along with the PP14, I can’t fucking stand Barrett Brown, but these people are genuine heros.

Right now there are people around the world, STILL protesting what happened to George Floyd, Brionna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and people keep saying this feels different.

That’s because the White House Cannot be Trusted.

Donald Trump is using Secret Police to arrest peaceful protesters, and this feels all too fucking framiller.

It happened in the 30s with Nazi’s, it happened in the 50s with Black people, in the 60s with hippies, and now we are just repeating the fucking past all over again.

It feels like God is cleaning house, someone said recently, I wish I knew who because that’s exactly what it feels like and I have to tell you, I am afraid.

I feel like we’re fighting for the soul of the planet, and people aren’t really focusing on the bigger picture. “Portland Police have no idea what’s going on and who these secret police are, that’s really bad. Oh look kittens and cake.”

Our attention span is not as focused as it needs to be, and that’s because we’re fucking tired. The Rebels are exhausted, the new generation is out now, but there’s not enough of them.

When Anonymous rose to existence they had people on the street live streaming everything, it was the cool thing to do you know? Now people are just posting short videos and those videos are getting deleted faster and faster.

Reports are coming in from across Canada, Australia and England that the press is not focusing on what is happening in Portland, and that’s because we’re in the middle of a fucking pandemic. Shit is crazy right now.

The only vision I have in my head right now, is of Donald Trump being dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming, and that says all you need to know about White Supremacy.

The mentality is alive and well in America, between Richard Spenser and the Proud Boys, which are now emboldened in Canada and in Britain and Fox News, we’re pretty screwed folks.

The only way to stop what is coming is to refuse Donald Trump another four years in office. I keep wondering why people keep watching Tucker Carlson and I think it’s because they are afraid.

“They” being the “White is Right” folks have never had to live with Black people having the kind of power people like Barack and Michelle Obama carry. They have never known a world were a woman like Oprah could run for office and fucking win.

They’ve never had to deal with life being uncomfortable before, they’ve just gotten used to living in shit so fucking long, they don’t understand that life can be better. Tucker Carlson gives them comfort because he speaks to their pain.

This isn’t to say that I feel sorry for them. If you are ignorant it is your fucking job to wake yourself up and learn to do better, but how do you, if you’ve never known different?

The thing is, that different doesn’t mean bad. It means that Black people can walk down the street without fearing that they are going to be arrested or killed. It means little Black Loud Mouth Girls can say what they want without the fear that they are going to be raped.

It means that Black people are not fetishized and hunted because of the color of their fucking skin.

It means that White Supremacy might be fighting back, but it’s dying. More and more people are waking up to the idea set by the founding fathers of our countries, Canada and America.

More and more people are realizing that what happened to people like Brionna, George and Ahmaud was wrong, and their deaths deserve justice. More and more people are realizing that humans deserve to live in peace, and we are willing to fight for that peace if we have to.

There’s never going to be a set of accords between white supremacy and the rest of us, there is only stamping it out before it gets the chance to burn brightly again.

That means using your power, because you absolutely do have power and educating yourself. You can start with A Starting Point, which is my new favorite political website.

It has videos and information from State and Local leaders from around the Country of The USA, on both sides of the aisle. It’s the Switzerland of political websites.

You can start with talking to protesters and listening to the reasons they fight. You can start by doing your history research and learning that no one deserves to be in fear for their lives.

It means doing the fucking work and slogging through the shit, so that when you vote in November, you vote for change. You vote for a better life for ALL Americans, not just for yourself.

It means understanding that you, an individual human, has the power to change the world with a single vote.

So Vote.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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