Let me just by staying this is the idiot representing the United States Of America right now on International Television.

A lot of people wonder why I care so much about what is happening to the people of America right now. My persons are over there, my people, my friends family allies supporters readers and fans live in that country. Oh and I am a fucking human being, I care about other human beings, and everything in me tells me that the people I care about are in serious danger.

Donald Trump started this year off by saying Covid 19 was a hoax, and then it was as bad as a flu and now hundreds of thousands of people around the world are infected with a virus that has taken more than a thousand lives so far.

In the scheme of things that doesn’t seem like a lot compared to gun violence and police shootings, and basic war that involves guns, but my question to those of you who believe that is how many lives are enough?

How many lives are worth sacrificing before we realize that we could be next? I don’t understand people who believe white supremacy will save them from death. I don’t understand people who support Donald Trump and yeah yeah I probably shouldn’t say that but I’ve given up hope I’m ever getting into the USA.

I do not understand how old I was when I started watching the news, I am like such a different person from the one that I used to be, but I think it was Hurricane Katrina. I had wanted to go to New Orleans for as long as I remember – not as long as I’ve been wanting to visit Delos Greece, but a very long time.

Seeing what was happening in New Orleans, seeing what was happening to the place that I swear a part of my soul was created, was absolutely and utterly devastating. I wept every night for eighteen days while bodies swam through the streets of my beloved city.

My heart broke in those eighteen days in ways that I have never allowed it to break again, and here we are in the middle of a pandemic and I am seeing the same ignorance and neglect that I saw in New Orleans affecting the entire United States of America.

By a man who is so in-concomitant he doesn’t understand that the Federal Government’s entire reason for existing is to support the fifty states that make up the great nation of America.

Jared Kushnar isn’t even leading the United States of America, he’s there as a Trump mouth piece whose entire existence is designed to kiss Trump’s ass and make him “look good” to the portion of the population who believes in Trump.

I kind of get it I think, there is comfort in darkness and fear. When given the choice of taking the hard road and fighting for light, or being pleasured by the darkness, the pleasure of darkness is far more comforting than having to fight battles and win wars.

Sometimes I wonder if people are that easily brainwashed. “Be your worst self, don’t care about others, fuck what the world needs fight for yourself.” I don’t understand that mentality, and not understanding it makes me angry.

I need to be able to dissect my anger so that I can understand it, so that I can deal with it and move on, but I can’t seem to move on from the fact that Donald Trump is a danger to the United States of America and the fucking world.

The more cases there are in the United States the more cases there will be in Canada and on it will continue to spread.

In a recent briefing Donald Trump started talking about how he was number one on Facebook, who cares? Sorry let me correct myself, who the fuck cares?

I don’t want to know how popular Donald Trump is, I want to know what leaders around the globe are doing to get us out of this fucking dumpster fire.

I Want to know that I will be able to be around the people I love again, I want to know that I AM NOT  just now deciding who I am only for the world to burn up and die around me.

The crazier Donald Trump gets the more afraid I become for my future daughters and sons. The closer we get to November the more afraid I become that he is going to get a second term because too many people refuse to listen to anything other than Fox news.

It’s Sunday as you’re reading this but I wrote it on Friday night. This is a message speaking to both the future and the present you. Please do your research. Please take the time to understand that there are people who want the best for this world and those who are willing to destroy it for a shiny gold coin that says they are more powerful than you.

Look around your life and ask yourself if the Leaders in office are really fighting in your absolute best interest, and decide for yourself.

You the voting public have the power to change the world, to mould this world into the ideal for every human on earth, but you have to fight for it. The best absolute best, way to do that is to speak out and ask questions.

And when I say that I am talking to those of you who like to @ my friend Amanda and tell her what a cunt she is because she recognizes her privilege and that scares you.

It’s okay to be scared, but what is not okay is lashing out at each other when the real people we should be are sitting in white houses deciding the fate of the free world without any regard for the people who live here.

We have to do better at the way we communicate with each other, we have to do better for the next generation of children and adults, because this world is only growing more harsh and more cruel.

The challenges we face are only getting harder as we evolve, and we’re going to need each other, but what we do not need is men like Jared Kushnar in the white house.

Vote this family out.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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