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Can we get our civility back without going backwards?

So Canadian Leader Jagmeet Singh says that Donald Trump is largely to blame for the xenophobia that we’re seeing today in our country and I wonder….will a new President have that much affect on how we treat each other?

We used to be known as the nice country, and every time I’d hear an American, or anyone say that I’d snort in disgust because I’ve never personally believed that to be true. I think we’re just better at hiding our inner hatred than other people are.

Even if that’s true, that it’s Trump’s fault that so many people in Canada are now showing their true colors, how do we get back to the place we used to be, and do we even really want to?

Like many around the world I watched the Charlottesville riots in absolute terror of what it meant for the future of this planet, and like many I was slapped with shock and awe when I found out some of the people who had attended the racist rally were Canadian.

How do we go back to that place of normalcy, when Trump’s supporters, here and abroad are allowed to get away with so much? Several people have made it clear that they support Singh for instance, but at least one has made it clear that he’d support Singh more if Mr. Singh would remove his turban.

I’ve never understood how a turban can be offensive to anyone and I’ll never forget the day I started school in BC when I was told flat out not to hang out with the brown kids, for no reason then they were Brown.

When I argued that I am in fact Brown I was reminded that I’m “the right kind of Brown,” because I’m Black…like 2 Pac Black, and he was cool so there for I am too.

At what point do we stop using color and race as an excuse to fuel our anger and just admit that people are fucking tired of being hungry and poor? At what point do we acknowledge the real issue is that there isn’t enough medical care for our citizens and that this is the reason that we’re angry?

At what point do we admit that the reason women are speaking out, is not because they hate men, but because they hate the way men treat them in the work place let alone at home? At what point do we acknowledge that the reason we are angry has less to do with race and color and more and more to do with politics?

2 years, 258 days, 0 hours, 30 minutes and 56 seconds, that’s exactly how long Donald Trump has been President at the writing of this sentence. 

And it feels like a fucking life term, and that’s why we’re tired. The non stop nonsensical news that has come out of Washington is draining the swamp of the energy we had left for ourselves. We’re tired of the racism, of the fight against hatred because we weren’t prepared for it. We were not prepared for the Joke that White House Politics have become, because we didn’t expect it would be this bad.

I laughed for months when I found out Trump was running, because I thought it was a joke, like that time Colbert ran for President but wasn’t really running. I thought it was like that, I am still expecting for Trump to say “Okay just kidding, done now,” except he’s not saying it and like many of you I am flat out exhausted.

Trump has made it okay for foreign governments to involve themselves in US Politics, he has more than once flat out asked for help from outside governments to involve themselves.

We’re expecting that Kamilla Harris or one of the other twenty thousand people running for President are going to make sense of the madness that he has created, and we’re going to be sadly dissapointed.

Once you’ve opened Pandora’s box you can’t just put all that shit back in the box like it didn’t escape, it’s always going to be there now. It’s in the books of history and history cannot be erased any more, not with the way that we covet our digital record books.

So how do we get back to that place of civility, without ignoring everything that has happened over the last two and a half years?  I don’t have an answer, I am genuinely asking, because I genuinely, legitimately do not have an answer to these questions, I’m just pointing them out because I know so many of you are as tired as I am of the constant hatred that is spewing out around us.

I’ve personally retreated into my apartment and refuse to leave unless I can be around other Brown people, but that’s just me…what are some of the ways you deal with the isolation and anger that is steaming around the world these days?

Sending all my love to those who are just as tired as I am,

Devon J Hall