Brown Girl Artist Highlight: Notty Designs

So I don’t know about you but I almost never read comic books or watch television movies with Brown or Black girls, largely because I am ingrained to believe that Black women cannot be hero’s.

As a child I grew up without Black girl role models that weren’t heavy into Hip Hop – it just sort of felt like Brown girls weren’t into the same things I was because well the 90s weren’t great for Black women shall we say.

So when I do find other women doing things, or expressing themselves in ways I haven’t yet even begun to think about learning, let alone mastering, I know I need to use this platform to support them, protect them and help to elevate their voices as much as possible.

I love Notty and actually got inspired to call this page Brown Girl Art largely because of their art style. I don’t know Notty’s gender thus the use of they because I’m clever, but  more importantly because these women are fucking sexy. And their features scream “EVERY WOMAN” and I love that, I am not a tiny thing, my boobs are big and they hang, and I used to hate that, but these girls have boobs that look like mine.

So the first person to be highlighted in the new category and page of Brown Girl Art is Notty Designs, with their interpretation of the woman I really am behind closed doors, decorating my second favorite thing in the entire world…GRINDERS.

Each design is made specifically for it’s own Grinder, and I bet each one has a beautiful story behind their characters….maybe if I’m lucky Notty will tell me about them one day.

Thank you Notty for coming up with so many beautiful women and sharing them with the world. I can’t to say I got to write about you when I have daughters one day. ❤

Sending all my love,

Siddha Lee Saint James,

So here are some of the specs, from the website:


For an extra $5 you can choose the color you would like your grinder to be! Please fill out the form we will provide thoroughly. If you are not getting a custom colored grinder, choose N/A in both boxes on the form!

Make sure to choose “Custom Color” otherwise you will receive the default color it comes in. 

  • Material: alloy
  • Four filter design
  • Anodize for smooth finish
  • Stainless steel pollen screen
  • Powerful neodymium magnet for tight closure
  • Thin poly ring for smooth grinding
  • Size: Diameter 62.5mm (2.5″) Height 48mm (1.9″)
  • Colors : Black, Silver, Gold, Purple, Green, Red, Blue

You can check out more by Notty Here, let me know what you think when you get yours, I can’t wait to get my Aries one in Heartless Black :p


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