John Wick…the Saga Continues

So…unbeknownst to a lot of people, I had a pre-viewing of this film, on the condition that I wouldn’t say anything until opening weekend was over.

I’ve kept my mouth shut, and I saw it again tonight – perhaps to review, rethink, and re enjoy and I am not going to lie, I’m going to say that I loved it, because it was everything I needed it to be.

I love that its about as subtle as a brick, and I love that especially if you are blessed or cursed, or blessed and cursed enough to be born a true Roma, Gypsy, then you get all the nuances, and if you’re just looking for an action thriller you probably have no fucking clue how on point this film is for us.

I won’t give anything away, if you need reasons to go see the thriller, please check out the trailer above.

The basic rules apply, a secret society is in charge, and it has now bitten the hand that once protected it, and little by little that hand is starting to bite back. Much like the society I’ve created for Siddha Lee Saint James, and have yet to write about (ha ha ha), the secret Roma society each has rules, and here’s where the spoilers come in.

******SPOILER ALERT******


On John’s journey he has to head to see the “Elder”, who is like the end all and be all of the society *yeah right, there’s always someone above an Elder*, and he goes on a trip to a place, and he speaks to a person, who is if you believe Roma Legend, as close to a true Elder as possible.

In Roma Tradition, our True Elders come from a specific country, after having left Jerusalem, they traveled to a place, and that place is where this Elder, in John Wick 3 comes from, and see how good I am at not throwing everything under the fucking bus?! Yeah, well I like that part, that this person, comes from that place, because it’s so rare to see a true call out to Roma tradition and culture.

For the most part Roma are incredibly secretive about their culture, they move in and out of every day society often without being seen or heard, and if you have caught a Roma, legend has it that you may have saved their life, or cursed your own…and John Wick absolutely delivers on that ideology, and Roma like mentality and I fucking loved it.

All that being said however, it’s interesting that they use the words Elders, Emissary’s, words common in fantastical films that involve majick and the like, I am praying they choose not to go that way, largely because it would be WAY too close to my story (greedy witch here), but also because I love the mundane weapons.

I will say the fight scenes did look a bit pedestrian, and I think, (and agree) that if it was by design, it was done perfectly so. In this film Keanu Reeves as John Wick looks exhausted, realizing that the only thing he wanted to do, retire in peace, remember his dead wife and dead dog and hang with his new one, is going achievable if he murders every single person that he once called friend, ally or challenger. So basically it’s a “don’t fuck with my dog, because holy shit life is hard and it never gets easier” film.

It’s obvious this film series can go everywhere or nowhere very quickly, it’s rather on the edge of either or depending on what they do with four, which is obviously coming. The other thing is the predictability, my mom (who took me out to see the film) mentioned that she wanted more story line, more back story, more than just John Wick and friends murdering a bunch of people.

At this point, it feels like a campfire scene where people are preparing to go to war against the sacred (thing that I won’t say because that would give away a bunch of stuff) need to have a conversation. The who, is kind of lost in this. We understand that John Wick has a story, but how did he get started? Where did he come from? Oh that’s answered in three, okay it’s time for his now allies, (Former enemies) to show us how he can trust them. He’s been burned at every turn, literally everyone whose helped him has shot him…except for the one Black guy (SERIOUSLY?!) who actually has a continual role that matters and is not Lawrence Fishborne. (YEAH BABY!)

Actually, what I think I am asking for is a break, give the heros’ a break, they need it, the bad guys always get a break, the hero’s never get a break, especially when they team up together. Do these guys talk to each other? Do they have feelings? Or are they just a bunch of homicidal bastards intent on murdering each other because someone higher on the ladder told them to do so? If so are they fucking worker drones?

They have no family because their business is death, they have a code, but they refuse to respect the code unless someone tells them that it’s okay to respect the code, and then when they do respect the code, they get fucked over anyways. Zebus, praise Zebus to hell and back again, it’s a dizzying film of “oh my god THAT WAS AWESOME HE JUST DID THAT AND THEN THAT HAPPENED AND HOLY FUCK THAT’S AWESOME” and “oh dear god no NOT ANOTHER DOG”, to “oh that dog….is….a fucking psycho…” Dude, I’m not going to spoil anything here.


Like…..I know they’re “film” dogs, but I am cured from ever wanting another dog, ever, their terrifying AND IT’S SO FUCKING COOL. Nature got some over nurture, THAT BEING SAID HOWEVER…Sorry I got stuck on the dogs.

In four it’s obvious what’s going to happen, but what’s NOT obvious is how it’s going to end, there have been so many legends so carefully and beautifully woven into what appears to be nothing but chaos, that it could literally go any way and that I think is the obsession that we have with John Wick.

It is the very first film that is Art Imitating Life, without letting Life Imitate the Art, and I’ve been trying to figure out how the fuck they’ve managed to weave such a beautifully tangled web, for a very, very long time…since the first viewing at least.

It closely resembles Romanian and Gypsy culture, while simultaneously blowing that culture the fuck up, without being offensive but instead choosing to be absolutely and utterly respectful to our Ancient traditions and mythic history.

If I had to choose, I’d say that the writing team had a ghost on their hands, but what do I know, I’m just a loud mouth brown girl.


Sending all our love,


Siddha Lee Saint James and Elsie O’Connor