Oh my Goodness!

The last two days have exhausted my brain, and pushed my creativity to places I didn’t know it could go, thank goodness for my Krisya family who have been working tirelessly to present so much new content for the site.

As we mentioned in previous posts and pages on the site, we wanted our site to be reflective of our lives. So a lot of that meant trying to figure out how to add the majickal elements of our story, how to weave it in with the reality of the situations that we’ve faced and continue to face.

Well, we can finally say we’ve figured out how to do it, and our editors and contributors have been working hard at creating several new digital pages based off work in the Sacred Archives.

Without further adieu, we’d like to present the current updates:


Nom de Plume: As we’ve mentioned throughout the various sections of the site, some of our writers have chosen to turn themselves into “Characters”, because being human is “so passe“. Here you can read about some of our writers, editors, contributors and the fantastical world they believe in. (They’re harmless really, just feed them some weed and you can pretty much get them to do whatever you want.)

Meet the Tribes: Once a month we’ll be doing a new profile on one of the 17 tribes of Krisya Ohana.

Our Newsletter: Up and coming starting March 1st 2019, you’ll be able to receive letters from us in your e-mail box. Each month a different “character” will be writing you a letter, but be forewarned. We plan to use this to challenge each and every one of you to find your own Krisya Warrior, but…unfortunately, the Elders’ decided that if we were going to make a monthly newspaper about our adventures..we’d have to share it with the Light Bringers.

Can’t have us spreading “fake news“, or anything, whatever. So sometimes it’ll be the good guys writing you a letter, and other times it’ll be the bad guys…sorry…we can’t control which side of the stories you get to read, but we can promise they will always be interesting.

That’s it for updates, but I feel like that’s kind of enough, largely because that took two full days to put together. So if you know, the other editors, writers and contributors could get off their butts and start writing their articles that’d be great.

Here’s to hoping you  have a beautiful week,

sending all our love,

The Sisters of Bacchante

Oh Ps! Check out our fabulous new Artwork! Feel free to steal either of these for your website, please do us a favor however and upload it to your own site. Thanks in advance, we appreciate your support. They also make super awesome backgrounds for your phone. 🙂

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