Each letter is written by hand, by Devon J Hall, on the back of a postcard promoting Loud Mouth Brown Girl.

The intent behind the letters is several-fold.

For starters we want you to feel good, we want you to know that someone out there is thinking of you and that we love you. The letters are written by hand by Devon – The Loud Mouth Brown Girl, but they are not all written, by Devon J Hall.

Every single letter is a request from someone in the universe who needs to be heard. A promise, a wish, and a hope. The idea is that if you have your letter the day that you first hear about our launch party (Whenever that will be,) then you’ll get a free entry gift into the party, because it means that if you HAVE a letter, you are carrying the wish, hope, desire, or need, of the person who wrote the letter.

You may never meet the person who wrote the letter, but if they see you with one, they’ll know you might have gotten THEIR letter, which means their hope, dream, desire, wish, might be the one that gets to come true, because YOU read that letter, probably more than once, probably out loud, which means that maybe someone HEARD you read that letter, and maybe that means that that person was the one with the ability to make that wish come true.

The letters are wishes.

“I wish someone would say this to me,” is a gift that you can only understand if you’re one of the amazing people who wrote the letter that someone in the world receives.

This all being said, when Devon hands out the letters, she has no idea what it says because she doesn’t read them unless invited to do so, or unless she asks to do so, which is rare. The idea isn’t for Devon to read the letters, it was always meant for Devon to write them down, and deliver them, in honour of the very first mail carrier Hermes.

Today we know Hermes as a company that designs fashion, but once upon a time Hermes was the God of messages, it was their job to ensure that messages from all over the various universes got passed on, but as time went on Hermes got old, tired, and cranky and retired…so now it’s our turn.

If you have a letter you are encouraged to keep it, to find others like yourself, to share it, or to write your own, one or thousands, whatever you feel is right for you, but if you have received a love letter, the only way to respond to someone whose written one just for you…is really to listen to the voices in your head and write a letter for someone else.

With all our love,

Krisya Ohana