Women who have to “escape” life to survive the crap that men put them through…are living Goddesses. ~Devon J Hall

So somehow the page with the list of podcasts I’ve been on got deleted, which sucks a lot because I really enjoyed connecting with those hosts and I would have loved to have a record of the celebratory moments of my work. But, since that’s gone, I’m going to recreate it with a new page.

Below you can find a list of the podcasts I’ve been invited on and the amazing conversations that I’ve had with people from across the world. When you are sharing your story, and putting yourself out there for the world to see, no matter how big or small the stage, any opportunity to sit with a stranger and share your life lessons is a gift that you should absolutely not take lightly.

I am not sharing these because I want to promote myself, but because each of these interviews was done by people who in their own right, are learning to find their own voice. Sometimes we ourselves, do not always have the words to describe what “we” are going through, and so interviewing others helps us understand our own journeys. It’s my absolute pleasure to help promote these amazing shows, because at the end of the day each and every single one of us, is living in a world that is constantly telling us who to be.

I just want to add a small thank you to all the people who interviewed me, who took the time to research my site, to learn about my journey, and who decided that “I” was someone they thought was worth being kind to. I genuinely love you.

As I find the other interviews I did, each one will be listed here for your listening pleasure. Please make sure to listen and check out their websites. These artists work really hard at what they do, and what they do, deserves to be appreciated.


The Life In Red Podcast to date was one of my favorites to do. Ryan has a deep understanding of trauma in his own right and gave me a ton of really beautiful space to break down my trauma and to laugh. I enjoyed this conversation a lot and because I did, hopefully, it’ll stay on this page forever. Check out Ryan Forsyth’s Life in Red links here.


The Be Your Own Kind Podcast is my all-time favorite. I adore and love and cherish my friendship with the amazing living Goddess that is Renita Quails. She in particular is one of the kindest souls that I have ever met, and we laugh so much when we are together. Renita is one of those people who can light up a room simply by existing, so definitely check her out on coming episodes of Stay Lifted Sis.


Turning Readers Into Writers is a really great podcast. Emma Dhesi is so calming and she really knows the craft of writing. This one was fun to do because, for the first time in a really long time, I didn’t have to talk about trauma, I just got to talk about being myself. I got to talk about writing and how important writing and the craft of writing are to my mental health. Emma can be found Here and you should absolutely check out her blog.