The Love Letters. They started out as a way to promote the website, but that’s not how the idea of sending love letters across Canada got started. I wish I could remember your name, but it was a woman I met on Twitter years ago.

There’s a place in Canada that’s so boring – yes boring – there’s little food, not many job options, and really no way out, that so many people take one look at their lives, and end them. I don’t remember where exactly, but I do know it’s in the most northern part of Canada.

This woman decided she was going to write love letters to these people, most of whom were Indigenous and or Eskimo, as in the genuine people we hear about but don’t often know are standing right in front of us from across the globe.

They’re sad. Genuinely, because it costs $18.00 for a head of lettuce, and they can’t often afford that, meanwhile it’s $0.90 cents for a bag of chips. Because of course. There’s nowhere to really grow food because it’s so cold. And for some stupid fucking reason, no one’s ever thought of building a fucking greenhouse o these people can create a brand new industry: Fresh vegetables, ALL year long. Indoor farming is possible, Stephanie Meyer proved that.

ANYWAYS, this woman wrote the love letters, and I thought….”I want to do that too,” so I used the letters to promote the website, but I didn’t know how much they would mean to people until I got this email not so long ago:

Basically what it says is that I gave a love letter to these beautiful people two years ago, and they remembered. That means everything to me, more than I can imagine. In the coming pages, you’ll learn more about the folks that have written the letters, and why what they had to say back then, to those they’d probably never meet means so much.

Until then,

Krisya Ohana

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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